Fall’s Must-Own Products For Men

    If you’ve ever experienced stepping into a Ferrari (or even a humbler Fiat), you know that Pininfarina’s auto interiors are synonymous with ingenious invention, fabrication and well-thought-out style. Pininfarina’s inviting environments always feel special. So when the company merged design forces with master watchmakers Bovet, …

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  • 166669560

    Fall’s Bright Beauty Routine

    Although summer is just about over, we all know early autumn can be the best time to enjoy the luxe life. It’s an even better season to start planning how to turn back the hands of time, or to at least look glamorous doing it. …

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  • IE6A4443

    Must-Have Toys To Own

    OK, guys. You. Me. Them. Us. No matter the time of year, we don’t need an excuse to talk about our favorite toys, plan trips around them, take their photos or give them their own Facebook pages. These toys already hold our most coveted places …

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  • 1 DIOR Bird Of Paradise Quad1

    Easy, Breezy, Summer Beauty

    As HudsonMOD celebrates its first anniversary of helping you stay gorgeous, I’d like to say thank you for coming along for the beautiful and informative ride. Summer’s definitely here, along with the inevitable slew of costume changes that the season demands— yoga, pool, luncheon, beach with the …

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  • 4 Napoleon Perdis Mattetastic Lipsticks

    Color Me Beautiful

    Faster than you can mutter “it’s been a long winter,” we’ll all be sorting through last year’s summer whites. While we should be wardrobe editing, let’s give our moneymaker (no, not that one)—our faces—some much needed TLC. With bushier, filled-in brows, longer lashes and layered …

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  • TRIM Barber Salon 1

    Right Hair, Right Now

    Color where?! Wax what?! Tweeze?! Man up, fellas. Here at HudsonMOD, we like to think that the giggle-inducing squeamish reactions to all things male grooming are a thing of the past. Like, that’s so 1998. After all, you think your favorite sportscasters, telegenic athletes and …

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  • 1 MSB.POOL

    I Wanna Go To Miami!

    Most of us need no introduction to the winter playground of the chilled and fabulous; or more precisely, several of Miami’s adjacent playgrounds—Sobe, Brickell Key and North Beach. Thankfully, even our favorite haunts have to keep their seasonal service-hooks updated. Yet, with only a few …

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  • Tabatha Coffey

    Tabatha Coffey: “The Simon Cowell Of Hair”

    She’s impossible to ignore. And why would you want to? Tabatha Coffey, the Australian platinum dynamo with silver-tongued opinions (she’s always maddeningly right) is a beauty pioneer, prolific speaker, political advocate, television star and author. And with her recent launches of a wigs and hair …

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  • Shutterstock 82491346

    The New Year, The New You

    We’re well into 2013, fellow anti-agesters. All the holiday dust is but a distant memory, and we’ve surely abandoned most of our New Year’s resolutions by now. But a clean slate is a beautiful canvas. So let’s get gorgeous. The idea for this column started …

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  • Gentleman Pics

    Manly. Skin. Care

    It’s time to talk about protecting your mug. I know, I know…you’d rather be doing anything else, but too bad. It’s time to get tough, guys. For some, reversing the signs of time wreaking havoc on your face is very important, but who doesn’t dread …

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