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    Neiman Marcus Launches Exclusive Smeg x Dolce & Gabbana Spring Collection

    KLF01D&G3_5When famed fashion company Dolce & Gabbana first teamed up with the world-renowned appliance brand Smeg, the result was a line of chic, colorful products that instantly added an artful aspect to any kitchen. Now, an exclusive spring collection has launched at 12 select Neiman Marcus stores called the “breakfast suite.” 

    The spring collection features three small appliances that make a big impact in everyone’s kitchen. The electric juicer, tea kettle and toaster are all Italian-made with hand-placed designs. Their standout appearance will not only breathe life into your home decor, but also serve as amazing conversational pieces for guests to marvel over. 

    Functional and aesthetically pleasing, both the toaster and electric juicer feature a red base with orange and yellow highlights, while the tea kettle features a white base with hues of blues and greens. All three NMHBD0G_MULTI+Zappliances feature images of lemons or oranges, which pays homage to Sicily’s large production of citrus fruits. Other depictions across all three items include Mount Etna, flowers, birds and sailing ships. While the design varies for all three, each don a banner reading “Dolce & Gabbana” as well as “Made in Italy” to showcase the collaboration and the product’s origin.

    Neiman Marcus locations that carry this exclusive line include Neiman Marcus Downtown, NorthPark, Beverly Hills, Fashion Island, San Francisco, San Diego, Coral Gables, Bal Harbour, Tysons, Michigan Avenue and Boca Raton. Don’t fret if you don’t live in driving distance of any of these storefronts. The breakfast suite collection will be sold online as well, so everyone can infuse these colorful products into their home. All three items retail for $600. 

    To purchase the line, visit www.neimanmarcus.com. 

    Feature Image via NeimanMarcus.com 

  • Fish Hero

    Fish by José Andrés Opens at The Cove, Paradise Island

    chef-andres-tallEscape to The Cove at Paradise Island to indulge in all the luxuries that the Bahamas has to offer. Picture crystal blue waters, a superior stay and an all-new fine dining experience created by Michelin-star Chef José Andrés. The newest dinner-only eatery, Fish by José Andrés, officially opened to the public last week, and delivers high-quality seafood dishes with blends of Bahamian flavors that you won’t want to miss out on.

    Chef José Andrés’ curated menu includes an array of full-flavored dishes including grilled oysters, jerk chicken, scorched conch, conch fritters, hog snapper, seared scallops, as well as delectable desserts such as grilled pineapple and chocolate paradise, which is made from spiced chocolate cream, cocoa streusel, passionfruit caramel and meringue ice cream. While all of the dishes on the menu taste out-of-this world, they all have something else in common: they are all responsibly sourced.

    Responsibly sourced seafood was a key aspect when creating Fish, as Chef José Andrés has an affinity with the ocean as well as various humanitarian efforts.

    “Anyone who knows me knows how much I love the ocean — whether it’s enjoying the freshest delicacies of the local waters or going diving,” says Chef Andrés. “Fish tells the story of this beautiful, mysterious thing we call the sea, through food — and my team and I are very excited to create this new experience at the Cove. Our Bahamian team is committed as I am to supporting sustainable fishing practices and the protection of the Bahamian coral reefs.” 

    fish_maindiningroomOne dish on Fish’s menu in particular is helping the Bahamian coral reefs flourish: the fried local lionfish. The lionfish has been depleting ocean life by “out-breeding and out-eating” other species around the coral reef. This dish not only helps keep lionfish from overpopulating, but Fish will donate a portion of the sales to the Blue Project Foundation. This non-profit organization works endlessly to preserve the Bahamian marine life. 

    “The inclusion of Chef Andrés craftsmanship at the Cove provides an impactful opportunity to showcase the exceptional elements of the Bahamas,” says Audrey Oswell, president and managing director of Atlantis, Paradise Island. “We are incredibly proud that we have been able to create locally-infused, ocean-linked dining experiences for our guests, in partnership with visionaries like Chef Andrés, who is not only one of the most talented Master Chefs in the world, but also an advocate for the protection and preservation of our country’s natural resources.” 

    For more information about Fish by José Andrés or to book a reservation, guests can visit www.atlantisbahamas.com/dining/finedining/fish-by-jose-andres 

    Images via AtlantisBahamas.com 

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    Slide into Spring with Vivienne Westwood and Melissa

    322255325200_IMAGEM_GRANDEWarmer weather is coming in hot on the East Coast. Whatever you do, don’t be unprepared to celebrate beach season in style. With the latest launch from Vivienne Westwood and Melissa, you will be ready to slide into spring in no time. 

    These super-chic beach sliders are the ultimate accessory to sport this season. Streetwear and athleisure still dominate the fashion world, leaving a window for these sandals to be one of the hottest, must-have items in every fashionista’s wardrobe.

    The Vivienne Westwood Anglomania and Melissa Beach Sliders are fashionably created with vegan-friendly materials, so everyone can wear them with pride. Melissa has stood at the forefront by utilizing recyclable PVC. Not only does this make Melissa shoes ethically-friendly, but also allows them to be waterproof — another reason why these are perfect for spring and summer. 

    322255215203_IMAGEM_GRANDEThe Vivienne Westwood and Melissa slides come in a variety of colors including chic shades of blue, black-and-white and glossy red. Each are stamped with the Vivienne Westwood and Melissa logos and Anglomania on the inside sole to add an extra luxurious touch. 

    This is not the first collaboration to take hold between the two iconic brands, but something tells me their  slider will be a best seller. Melissa has been known for collaborating with other iconic brands in the past. The long list includes fashion heavy hitters such as Jean Paul Gaultier, Thierry Mugler, Karl Lagerfeld, Jeremy Scott, Haha Hadid and Jason Wu. 

    For more information or to purchase the Vivienne Westwood Anglomania and Melissa Beach Sliders, visit www.shopmelissa.com. Each pair retails for $120. 

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    Net-A-Porter Launches Fendi FF Capsule Collection

    Screen Shot 2018-04-06 at 10.40.36 AMTime and time again, Net-A-Porter shows customers why it is one of the top online destinations for all things luxury. On April 13, the shop released an exclusive capsule collection by the famed Italian brand Fendi. 

    The Fendi FF Capsule Collection utilizes the brand’s iconic logo as the main motif throughout the entire line. The launch on Net-A-Porter comes a month prior to the official launch of the collection in selected Fendi stores and on fendi.com on May 14th. 

    The famed logo was originally created by fashion icon Karl Lagerfeld back in 1965. The resurfacing of its design will be used on various clothing items that mirror the streetwear looks currently swarming the fashion world. Customers can purchase items including parkas, hoodies, sneakers and accessories. The logo will appear in different color variations including classic tobacco, black and black-and-white. 

    Screen Shot 2018-04-06 at 10.40.22 AM“The FF Capsule Collection, sold on Net-A-Porter, celebrates the heritage of the Roman House and the iconic FF logo. Designed by Karl Lagerfeld in 1965, the logo combines Fendi’s luxury authority with an irreverent attitude, establishing the Maison’s logo as a contemporary yet sophisticated icon,” the two brands say in a press release.

    Besides launching online at Net-A-Porter, the new Fendi FF Capsule Collection will be celebrated around the globe through a custom animated video staring model Hana Jirickova. The video showcases multiple fashion cities around the world and each begin to mirror the FF logo. In addition to the video, pop-up stores will open in both London and Dubai. 

    For more information on this iconic launch, visit netaporter.com, and look for the Fendi launch on May 14th online and in select stores.

    Images via Net-A-Porter

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    An Innovative Must-Have: The Foreo ISSA 2

    04_ISSA 2 Sonic Toothbrush_Cool Black_FOREOIf you’re going to use an instrument everyday, why not ensure you have one of the best on the market? For oral hygiene, you’re going to want to upgrade to the ISSA 2 by the Swedish-based brand Foreo. Unlike ordinary toothbrushes you can pick up at the store for a couple of dollars, the Foreo ISSA 2 utilizes a revolutionary technology to give you a hygiene boost unlike any other. 

    “With the ISSA 2, we sought to offer a brand new way of cleaning teeth that feels completely unique compared to anything else out there,” says Foreo CEO Paul Peros. “From its state-of-the-art material to its revolutionary design, ISSA 2 remains a truly watershed product in a market that had seen little in the way of innovation for far too long.” 

    The futuristic device is not only electric, but eliminates the harsh nylon-bristles may cause gum irritation. Instead, Foreo fashioned the ISSA 2 with medical-grade silicone bristles, which offer a more hygienic option for users by eliminating almost 10,000 times less bacteria. Besides an increase in hygiene, the ISSA 2’s bristles promote flexibility to clean every crevice as well as a gentle touch for your gums and tooth enamel. 

    02_ISSA 2 Range in Hands_FOREOUnlike other electric toothbrushes, the ISSA 2 utilizes T-Sonic technology that allows the brush to pulsate to 16 different speeds instead of oscillate. By doing so, it cleans teeth with a sweeping motion that provides a gentle, yet effective cleaning. To prevent over-brushing, the luxury brand has also built in a timer that will notify when to stop.

    What is most unique about the ISSA 2 is its rechargeable capabilities. According to Foreo, a one-hour charge can last almost 365 uses before needing to be charged again. The ISSA 2 is also quick-drying, non-porous and 100 percent waterproof. 

    Foreo stands at the forefront of innovation with its silicone products. Besides oral care, Foreo is also known in the beauty realm for its skin care brushes (Luna 2 and Luna 2 for Men), which are also fashioned with silicone bristles.

    The ISSA 2 comes in four different colors: cobalt blue, mint, pearl pink and black, and retails for $169. For more information or to purchase the ISSA 2, visit www.foreo.com.  

    Images via FOREO

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    Summer Scents: Dolce & Gabbana’s Italian Zest


    Light Blue Italian Zest

    With summer just around the corner, it’s vital to designate a summer scent for yourself. When selecting, choose a fragrance that is light, airy and mirrors the feel of the beautiful weather outside. Dolce & Gabbana’s new limited-edition scent, Italian Zest, is the ultimate choice. The collection offers a perfume and cologne, so both men and women can enjoy this summery aroma.

    The Italian Zest fragrances put a twist on Dolce & Gabbana’s cult favorite, Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue. Inspired by the scents that permeate the southern island of Capri, the luxury brand perfectly encapsulates the island’s citrusy aroma. When worn, Italian Zest will instantly transport you to Capri’s stunning coastline, leaving you with an alluring smell that will attract any passerby. 

    Light Blue Italian Zest 

    When creating this enchanting scent for women, Dolce & Gabbana pulled its inspiration from the Limoni primofiore (a lemon tree’s first bloom). Italian Zest boasts sweet-smelling top notes of Sicilian cedar, Granny Smith apple and primofiore lemon to give the perfume a light scent. When mixed with the heart notes of white rose and jasmine petals and base notes of ambery notes and warm musks, Italian Zest is completed, leaving the wearer with a mesmerizing scent unlike any other. 


    Light Blue Italian Zest Pour Homme

    Light Blue Italian Zest Pour Homme

    Unlike its counterpart, Dolce & Gabbana’s Italian Zest for men pulls inspiration from another signature Italian scent: fresh bergamot. The citrusy fruit bursts to life, infusing the streets of Calabria everywhere you turn. Inspired by the allure of bergamot, Dolce & Gabbana bottles the scent and transforms it into one of it’s top notes along with grapefruit and mandarin. Heart notes include pepper, juniper, rosemary and rosewood, while base notes include incense and musk notes. Together, all these notes create the perfect summer scent for men. 

    Currently, both fragrances are available for purchase on sephora.com and retail from $68-$100 depending on size. For more information on the fragrances, visit DolceGabbana.com. 

    Images via DolceGabbana.com. 

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    Limited-Edition Anniversary Sunglasses by Porsche Design

    Screen Shot 2018-04-03 at 1.12.03 PMThe notable lifestyle brand, Porsche Design, is celebrating a momentous 40-year milestone of its P’8478 sunglasses. The glasses, which were first developed in 1978 by Professor Ferdinand Alexander Porsche, have grown to become an icon of the brand throughout the years. Now four decades later, Porsche Design is launching a limited-edition version of the P’8478 sunglasses to commemorate the anniversary. 

    The limited-edition glasses aptly called “40Y” comes exceptionally packaged in a travel box, which securely holds everything in place when you’re bringing them on the go. With a matte-black titanium frame, the lenses on these limited-edition glasses can be swapped in and out. The travel box comes with four interchangeable lenses in various colors such as blue gradient, brown, olive/silver mirrored and mercury/silver mirrored. To add a finishing touch to the pair, the nose-bridge is highlighted in gold, giving the glasses a modern look and feel. 

    Screen Shot 2018-04-03 at 1.11.21 PM“The P’8478 sunglasses, with replaceable lens, stand for absolute style and elegant design, coupled with functionality,” says the brand in a press release. “It is a design icon, recognized worldwide for its uniqueness. With its unmistakeable lens shape, characteristic nose bridge and revolutionary lens changing mechanism, the P’8478 is one of the few sunglasses unchanged for 40 years. The P’8478 was adapted to the technical level of the 21st century using ultralight titanium. Moreover, after more then 9 million units sold to date, their longevity and versatility have been proven.” 

    The “40Y” sunglasses will come in two varying sizes to better suit the preferences of each Porsche Design customer. Each size will be limited to 1,978 pairs, both retailing for $935. 

    The limited-edition “40Y” sunglasses will hit the market mid-April and are available for purchase online at www.Porsche-Design.us or in stores. 

    Images via Porsche Design

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    Sweaty Betty Launches in Nordstroms Across U.S.

    Screen Shot 2018-04-03 at 2.39.29 PM

    Home Straight Run Vest ($75) and Gravity Run Leggings ($115)

    It’s time to workout in style, ladies! The chic U.K. activewear brand, Sweaty Betty, made its way across the pond and landed in Nordstroms nationwide yesterday. The popular brand, which was founded two decades ago, is known for their fashionable workout gear that can be worn in and outside of the gym. 

    “Offering coveted, limited-distribution brands like Sweaty Betty is an exciting example of how we’re constantly evolving our merchandise selection to provide customers with a unique shopping experience,” said Tricia Smith, executive vice president of women’s apparel for Nordstrom, Inc. in a press release. “Activewear is an integral part of how women dress every day, and we know our customers love Sweaty Betty, so we’re thrilled to have such an exciting and sought-after brand available in Nordstrom stores and online.”

    The spring/summer collection that hit shelves yesterday will include more than 100 fashion-forward pieces for customers to enjoy. In celebration of their two decade reign in activewear apparel, Sweaty Betty is launching limited-edition pieces each month. This month, the brand launched a revamped version of the Union Jack bum-sculpting power leggings. Other pieces that are available for purchase at Nordstroms include reversible yoga pants, lightweight shorts, sports bras and much more. 

    Besides chic designs that were created by a female-based team, the active gear is fashioned from comfortable fabrics. Not only are the fabrics easy-to-wear, but it also boasts incredible benefits to wearers such as high-stretchiness, sweat-wicking and quick drying. The brand’s top seller, the bum-sculpting pants, are fashion with Italian fabrics, making them ultra-luxurious.

    Screen Shot 2018-04-03 at 2.39.53 PM

    Celestial All in One ($175)

    “When I founded Sweaty Betty in 1998, it was always my dream to bring the brand to the U.S., so it’s really exciting to partner with Nordstrom in our 20th year,” says Tamara Hill-Norton, founder and creative director of Sweaty Betty. “As the most fashion-forward department store in the U.S., I can’t wait to see our collection there.”

    While Sweaty Betty has 15 boutiques around the U.S., the partnership with Nordstrom will help catapult the brand so it’s accessible to all women nationwide. Only 25 Nordstrom locations will carry the U.K.-based brand including New Jersey’s very own Garden State Plaza in Paramus. 

    For those who want to shop the Sweaty Betty collection first-hand can head to Nordstrom located at 501 Garden State Plaza, Paramus, NJ to do so or visit the department store online at Nordstrom.com. 

    Images via Nordstrom; Featured Image showcases the Infinity Workout Bra ($65) & Power Legging ($135)

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    Celebrate the Masters at Del Frisco’s Grille Rockefeller Center

    Screen Shot 2018-04-03 at 4.05.48 PMGolf aficionados, rejoice! The Masters is upon us once more. This year, instead of watching from home, venture to Del Frisco’s Grille in Rockefeller Center tomorrow (April 5th) from 11 AM to 1 PM to celebrate the iconic tournament. 

    Not only will customers be able to take in the scenery of New York’s buzzing Rockefeller Center, but will also experience a curated afternoon pop-up outside on the restaurant’s patio. Del Frisco’s Grille will collaborate with two premier brands, Konnect Golf and Salute American Vodka, to make an exciting day even more brilliant.

    Guests who visit Del Frisco’s Grille’s pop-up will be met with a live screening of the Masters to view as you’re dining. Will your swing live up to those playing in the tournament? You will find out, as all guests will have the opportunity to take a swing on a virtual putting green. When you’re done perfecting your golf swing, sit down for a drink and a bite to eat. 

    Screen Shot 2018-04-03 at 4.05.35 PMYou can indulge in two special menu items that will only be available to restaurant-goers during the Masters, which runs from April 5-8. The Pimento Double Cheeseburger is crafted with a house-made pimento cheese that is infused with beer to give it a decadent taste. Served on a toasted Ciabatta roll, the burger is also topped with Napa cabbage and crispy candied bacon to add some crunch to your bite. We can see your mouth begin to water already! 

    Pair your Pimento Double Cheeseburger with a spiked John Daly’s, which will compliment your burger perfectly. The renowned golfer’s hard tea has the same components as an Arnold Palmer (iced tea mixed with lemonade), but is also infused with alcohol so you can thoroughly enjoy your afternoon lunch watching the tournament.

    Guests can also order off Del Frisco’s regular menu, but are urged to try these limited-edition options if they’re up for it! Guests who would like to join in on this golfing event can call the restaurant at 212-767-0371 to book reservations. 

    Images via Del Frisco’s Grille; Credit: Jeremy Jacobowitz of @brunchboys. 

  • R365 Whiteelephant 5

    Lilly Pulitzer Adds Color to Nantucket

    Screen Shot 2018-03-27 at 2.59.53 PMWarmer weather is vastly approaching, which means it’s time to say sayonara to bleak winter days and hello to sunshine. The East Coast will burst to life once again and it will be time for all of the coastal hotspots to open its doors for eager summer visitors. 

    One hotel in particular is extremely excited to invite guests in as it underwent a rather colorful makeover during the winter season: the White Elephant in Nantucket, Massachusetts. In collaboration with Lilly Pulitzer, the White Elephant’s cottage’s new aesthetics burst to life, adding bright, playful accents throughout its interior. You won’t want to miss the opportunity to experience this colorful oasis this summer.

    r365_whiteelephant_3Lilly Pulitzer infused the cottage with inspirations pulled from White Elephant’s coastal surroundings. Hues of blue and whites splash the interior, giving the cottage a nautical feel, an ideal theme for any Nantucket vacation. 

    Guests who stay in the cottage will spy striped pillows, a sailboat watercolor painting and an elephant print valance that pays homage to the hotel as well as Joy Ride, one of the brand’s famed prints. Other nautical-inspired decor includes shell mirrors, ceramic trays and Lilly Pulitzer candles and prints. Not only will guests indulge in the effervescent decor, but they will also be gifted a Lilly Pulitzer beach tote with a limited edition print inspired by Nantucket to carry their beach items around in.

    r365_whiteelephant_1Besides enjoying your stay, guest of the White Elephant will be exposed to an array of elite amenities. White Elephant overlooks the notable harbor, giving guests a picturesque view morning to night, complimentary Priority Bicycles, L’Occitane products in rooms and access to concierge services. Besides amenities, White Elephant offers guests exquisite dining options at its in-house restaurant Brant Point Grill, spa services at the Nantucket Spa and close proximity to some of Nantucket’s most famed sites including the downtown area of Petticoat Row. 

    The White Elephant officially opens for the season on April 12. Rates for the Lilly Pulitzer Cottage will start at $350 per night. To book the cottage, contact 800.475.2637 or visit www.nantucketislandresorts.com or www.whiteelephanthotel.com. 

    Images via Lilly Pulitzer 

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