Celebrating the Life of Diem Brown

Here at HudsonMOD, we are all incredibly saddened by the news of Diem Brown’s passing. Just five months ago, Diem graciously hosted our 2nd anniversary celebration at the Maritime Parc in Jersey City. We cannot say enough words to express how truly blessed we were to have worked with such an inspirational woman, who was strong each and every day, especially throughout her third bout with ovarian cancer. We would like to extend our deepest condolences to the Brown family during this difficult time, and ask that everyone celebrates—not mourns—the legacy this incredibly beautiful woman left behind.


Remembering Diem Brown

EF3A7887Diem, 32, who passed away this morning, November 14 at 10:22 a.m. in New York City, was widely known as a reality star, television host and the founder of MedGift. After her debut appearance in 2006 on MTV’s Real World/Road Rules Challenge: Fresh Meat, she became an instant fan favorite. It was during this challenge that Diem first revealed her battle with ovarian cancer, notably taking off her wig during one of the challenges, where she received much praise from her fellow competitors and viewers. Since Fresh Meat aired, Diem continued to appear in numerous MTV challenges including The Duel, The Gaunlet III and Battle of the Exes.

Considered a warrior and fighter among her peers, she was first diagnosed with ovarian cancer at 23, and again in 2012, overcoming the disease both times. Unfortunately, this year, after undergoing tests, doctors told Diem that her cancer had returned and that this time, it had spread to her stomach and colon and progressively spread to her liver and lymph nodes. But despite her doctors relaying bad news, Diem kept a positive outlook.

In an interview with People, who she often blogged for, she said, “I want people to know that the fight is worth it. And that’s something that’s so important for me.”

IMG_7237-2She went on to tell the magazine, “It’s my personal perspective that you live as hard and as vigorously as you can. My goals are something I believe in because I believe I’m going to make it.”

It was three days ago when her suffering took a turn for the worse, leaving Diem to tweet, “I NEED PRAYERS and advice my doctors are seemingly giving up but I won’t & can’t rollover. Whatever option I have to LIVE I’m grabbing!”



Amid her struggle, Diem created MedGift, an organization where families could go to create a support page for a loved one battling any type of disease. Once a support page is created, it could be shared through social media outlets or email, and supporters could go on and make a contributing donation.


Image Credit: MedGift.com

According to the website, MedGift is the “complete resource tool for those facing a health related hardship or need. MS, cancer, elderly, Autism, memorials… whatever your health related hardship or need might be, MedGift is here to help support you through your journey… financially, physically and emotionally with our free online support tools.”

Financial donations are not the only support MedGift offers users. MedGift goes the extra mile by allowing users to contribute gifts besides those of monetary benefits. For example, if you needed someone to watch a pet while you were at a doctor’s appointment, MedGift would be able to help you find someone to do so.

To find out how you can support MedGift, please click here.



Friends and Celebrities Respond

Friends of Diem took to social media to share thoughts and prayers about her untimely passing:

From shock and tears…. to smiles. Www.youtube.com/watch?v=R8tw7yg6WEQ This is @diembrown This is off the show…Straight pure dancing happiness and full of life. THIS is the Diem i know. There is no “losing the fight” or “losing the battle” to cancer. Please dont ever think or say that. She has done nothing but WIN with her life. She is an angel put here for us to teach us lessons. Diem has inspired strength to those who felt weak. She has reached out a hand to those who felt alone. She created MEDGIFT and left a beautiful legacy through her passion for helping others. She has shown all of us how to come together in prayer and love. What she has left us is the biggest gift in the world. We are sad because this heart of life got taken away from us too soon…. But we should celebrate what she has done. Celebrate her life. Be thankful for what she has taught us through her struggles. Know that life and health are never guaranteed. Tell those close to you that you love them. Be thankful for all the little things. Diems life, struggles, and death all had a purpose. Take everything she has taught you and be a better person for it. Prayers to her family. Diem is truly dancing with the stars now. All my love. Thank you Diem for reaching out to a lonely weirdo for a thanksgiving meal all those years ago. You changed my life more than you could ever know. I will pass along your kindness in your honor. Love you. You are and always will be a Warrior.

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I feel so many emotions right now. I feel sad, I feel angry, but most of all I feel grateful. I have never in my life met someone who made me feel as special as D made me feel, as loved, as encouraged. I remember the first time D reached out to me when I was going on the challenge, she wanted me to know as a seasoned veteran of my “situation”, exactly how to handle going on a challenge with an ex! Hahaha Her love of life, her passion, her soul, her glow, everything about Diem is proof that angels do exist! She will be missed so much and I will cherish all the fun times we spent together, all the long talks, the tears (we shared many), and even the times where we just sat together and said nothing bc that was all we needed. I love you and you will forever be missed! You were my angel on earth and now you are my angel in heaven! A photo posted by ashleymariekelsey (@ashleymariekelsey) on

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