“Whose jaw didn’t hit the floor when J.Lo—then Jennifer López—showed up to the 2000 Grammys in this plunging jungle-print Versace silk chiffon dress? A dozen years after its debut, this dress remains one of the most recognizable gowns of all time.”

  1. JodywanJodywan07-03-2014

    I’m always amazed by celebs whose careers got started by association with someone else who is famous. Like JLo- ever since she appeared with Diddy in THAT gown – well the rest is history. Another one is Serena Miller. She was an unknown nobody when she landed a small role in the re-make of Alfie, with Jude Law. They started dating, she got more work, and when he cheated on her–BOOM-all of a sudden she was a bona fide celebrity. I can think of yet another one- Elizabeth Hurley. She was largely unknown in the U.S. She had a few credentials in the U>K>, but was best known for dating Hugh Grant.When she showed up at a Hollywood event with him in that black safety pin dress, she became an instant celeb.Why???They just got lucky at the right place, at the right time, and by dressing provocatively, to put it very mildly.Anyone else agree? Can you think of others? JO wan

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