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Sweet Scents: Voluspa’s New Macaron Collection

840644ad60b72cd8f26511b05b3e94a3Home decor is about to get a whole lot sweeter thanks to Voluspa’s latest candle collection, Macaron. The line, which pays homage to the popular Parisian dessert, features tantalizing scents that embody some of the sweetest flavors. 

The Macaron line includes five scents and comes in four different votive sizes, so home owners can infuse any room with the collection. Each candle comes perfectly packaged in a pastel-colored glass jar embossed with a swirl design. Each of the candle’s colors mirror the hue of the macron cookie that inspired its scent. 

“Over the years, I have seen this little dessert blossom into a delish trend practically everywhere I travel,” says Voluspa co-founder Traci Arntsen on the site’s blog. Locally, I’ve stumbled into tiny bakeries that are upping the ante with seriously creative herb/floral/creme/dessert combinations, not to mention stunning colors and presentations.” 

Take a look at the fun candle fragrances below. They look and smell good enough to eat! 


1c14727b589d91cf1cb7c670f8c65e24Lemon Coco

Lemon Coco is inspired by a scent we are all familiar with… lemons! Featuring scents of tart lemon rind, white sugar lemonade and marshmallow vanilla creme, Lemon Coco is the perfect sweet treat to bless any room with. 


60745f78c8cca64153a1579c2e4d3a32French Toast 

This macaron-inspired candle mirrors the fragrant scents of the popular breakfast dish French toast. This candle pulls scents that include brioche sweet bread, maple syrup, vanilla almond whipped creme and French toast crunch cereal pieces. Lovers of sugar and all things sweet must add this macaron candle to their decor. 


d7c8e1521c3a2b103b47efcb321f8fb6Rose Champs

Comprised of brut rose champagne and sugared rose petals, Rose Champs is inspired by the sweet beverage everyone knows and loves. Add this to your room when you want to be reminded of the sweet scent of champagne. 


d7adc9accc71e591650406b186e71a3eViolet & Honey

The Violet & Honey macaron candle adds a touch of floral mixed with the sweet syrup of honey. With ingredient inspired by sweet creme, lavender honey and sugared violet petals, Violet & Honey will instantly transport you to a field filled with wonderful flowers. 


763c66d4601413db597a7be0e240dfafBirthday Cake

This scent is one that we are all familiar with: birthday cake. Filled with vanilla bean icing, fluffy creme cake and rainbow ball sprinkles, the Birthday Cake macaron will have you yearning for an actual sweet cake every time you light it. 


Each fragrance retails from $13-$40, depending on which sized votive you select. For more information or to purchase the Macaron Voluspa collection, visit 

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