The Life: Della Crews

A self-described adrenaline junkie, News 12 anchorwoman Della Crews isn’t your average New Jersey mom. Born to a military family in South Carolina, she moved all over the US working for news stations in Virginia, Florida, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts and West Virginia, building up her reporting chops before making it to Jersey in 2000.

A lover of NASCAR, dancing and skydiving, Crews seeks out adventure wherever she can. Luxury, she says, is about more than money. It’s about being free.

Crews moved to New Jersey for a gig at News 12, but now Jersey is far more than a career pit stop for the virtuoso anchor—it’s home.

As the face of news in New Jersey, talk to us about the Garden State.

New Jersey is this wonderful, eclectic mix that allows you to do so many things. There’s skiing in the North and beaches in the South. There’s so much more to the state than what you see from the turnpike.

Is New Jersey misrepresented?

New Jersey is underappreciated by people elsewhere. It has such a negative connotation because of the reality shows about it. The people here are spectacular, loving, giving. If they ever do another reality show about this state, it should focus on that.

What does luxury mean to you?

Luxury means Tokyo drifting, skydiving and F-1 racing—and dancing the night away. It’s feeling free like that. I don’t need material things to experience luxury, I just need excitement.

What’s different about a newscast audience in northern New Jersey versus one in Manhattan?

In New Jersey, they really only have News 12, so people are very, very loyal. When people tune into you in New Jersey, you have them for life. That’s why we’re here to tell the bad news, yes, but we also do spotlights and a segment called “Garden State Gatherings” that lets you know what’s going on in your community. We cover hard news, but we cover community news, too. It’s what’s important for our viewers to know.

For the perfect job, would you consider leaving New Jersey? Or is this your home forever?

The perfect job, for me, is where I get to be the one calling the shots—if I’m the boss, that’s perfect. I guess, really, I could do that anywhere, but, for now, New Jersey is home.

What’s the one thing you never leave home without?

Makeup, particularly Mac Studio Fix NC45. That isn’t a want to have for me, it’s a need to have. I can do without lipstick, though I love that, too, but I have to have my foundation.

What has been your most thrilling on-air moment?

The story on Tokyo drifting. Being in that car when the driver was making those fast turns was such a thrill. Next, I have to try F-1 racing.

  1. Judith FosterJudith Foster02-26-2013

    Hello my name if Judith Foster and I would like to contact Ms. Della Crews to inquire of her to be the guest speaker for a program that I will be hosting on Saturday 8/24/13 from 12-2 o’clock. The program will be a woman to woman brunch and conference within the outreach ministry “The Place of Reconciliation” which is located within the my home church Christian Fellowship Church and Outreach Ministry in Paterson, New Jersey, where the pastor is Apostle Joel D. Rudolph. I thank you so very much for your response. My contact numbers are cell (862) 215-0449 home (973) 279-8384. God Bless Agape’ Judith Foster

  2. AnonymousAnonymous01-08-2014

    Della Crews best news person on the planet. : ) Team Della

  3. alice gregaalice grega04-15-2014

    della i’d love to be on ‘spotlight nj’ to promote my new children’s book 1st in the ‘docgit and rocgit’ series it is ‘docgit and rocgit get mindful’ – i believe you would do it justice…a tale of a dragon and frog who come to live in boca raton at first intrigued by name similarity their friendship grows stronger realizing they are perfect for each other. emphasizing the importance of being mindful and considerate of others til it teaches even a dragon needs the help of his best friend.

    my influences come from a lifetime of various writing employments after njtc in elementary education and traveling 45 countries i love nj best even after 10 years in nyc. influenced too by titles on ‘soundscapes’ and where it took me…

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  4. AnonymousAnonymous07-23-2014

    very preety

  5. Sherrie ThalerSherrie Thaler08-21-2014

    Hi Della,

    I love watching your show and seeing all the good things that happen in New Jersey. I have been the Development Director at the Newark School of the Arts since 1997. I was hoping that you can include the Newark School of the Arts in an upcoming show. We have some incredibly talented students and alumni including Savion Glover.

    The School was established in 1968 and has served over 44,000 individuals through sequential arts education in music, dance, drama and visual arts. It is open to all ages and abilities.

    The School is highly regarded and receives major support from the New Jersey State Council on the Arts, City of Newark (HUD/CDBG), Prudential, Victoria, Dodge and other foundations, corporations and individuals. It received a 2014 Citation of Excellence and is designated a Major Presenting and Service Organization by the New Jersey State Council on the Arts.

    Upcoming Events (September-October)

    Sat., September 20 from 9:00 am to 4:00pm – Open House

    Sun., October 12 from 2:00pm to 4:00 pm – Friends of NSA host a benefit lunch for the school through its annual Look Who’s Cooking event. This year, eighty (80) distinguished men will serve up their culinary specialties at Bethany Baptist Church. Proceeds will be used to provide scholarships assistance for students studying at the school.

    Please advise if appearing on your show is possible and what we would need to do to prepare.

    Thank you.

    Sherrie Thaler
    Development Director
    Newark School of the Arts
    (973) 642-0133

  6. Michelle McCaffrey CranfordMichelle McCaffrey Cranford01-10-2016

    Hello, Della! My son, Brian McCaffrey, and your son, TJ, were best buds at daycare when you lived in Pittsburgh. Brian would like to know how TJ is doing. Brian is married with a 15-month old son. He’d love to do some catching up with TJ. Thanks for reading this, and God bless! So proud of you and your career!

  7. Jacalyn McCombsJacalyn McCombs06-15-2017

    A while back you did a show on cancer survivor s that had experienced hair loss and women / stylist that work with these women that wanted hair and not wigs. She wants a sew in via a cap and too have the hair sewn into the cap. She does have some hair. Thank you and I will await your reply.

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