is a premier, luxury lifestyle publication that serves as the authority on modern luxury for the New York metropolitan area. Produced six times per year, HudsonMOD targets top-tier consumers in the city, who have a minimum annual income of $500,000 and minimum income producing assets (IPA) of $2 million.

Our magazine transports the reader to the world’s most luxurious destinations, spotlights trendsetting looks and covers the very best in rare culinary establishments, outdoor living, luxury autos & yachts, private aviation, premier wineries, and local and national events. Our industry experts provide an insider’s perspective, which helps our readers curate their extraordinary lifestyle preferences.

Through our alluring pages, online access, social networks and exclusive events, HudsonMOD has earned the reputation as the voice of modern luxury. We aim to provide exclusivity and serve the most discerning appetites for a “Life Well Lived.”


provides customized content, marketing and branding solutions to a myriad of upscale and luxury lifestyle clients, as well as event planning and partnerships. MOD Media’s luxury lifestyle magazines cover, deliver and define the best in world travel, cuisine, fashion, luxury auto, beauty, home & design, and leisure that drive the New York and Chicago metropolitan areas. Through our alluring pages, online access, social networks, exclusive events and media platforms, we connect people with their singular passion for a “Life Well Lived.” This has resulted in a sophisticated readership with proven buying power and a profound desire to experience luxury.

President/Publisher, Shannon Steitz, says, “Since inception, MOD Media has been at the forefront of approaching the industry with a fresh look and reinventing the service offerings of a traditional media company. Speaking as a former CFO, readership was never enough to quantity the rate of response. We pride ourselves on partnering with our clients to meet key marketing objectives and to drive ROI through custom-tailored, 360-degree marketing and communication programs.”

Steitz is the co-founder of MOD Media, which launched in March 2012 with its flagship publication HudsonMOD, the first luxury lifestyle magazine to tap into the crossover appeal of northern New Jersey and Manhattan. MOD Media is now an established full-service media house that delivers custom marketing strategies, coast-to-coast events, public relations and social media.