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    7 Beauty Steps In 7 Minutes

    • Sep 18, 2012

    • By:Marco Medrano

    Enough! With the endless barrage of conflicting information out there on how to stay forever young—or more accurately, how to look forever young—HudsonMOD has done the heavy lifting for you: Presenting the ultimate seven step beauty program that takes less than seven minutes a day. You’re welcome. As we all know firsthand, anti-aging has become the most sophisticated (and exhausting) sport of all. Liposomes. Stem cells. Enzymes. Peptides. Science and technology have afforded true skin breakthroughs, literally—allowing our lower epidermal layers to not only accept targeted, reformative nutrients and regenerative boosters, but to some extent, also reorganizing how our skin thinks and reacts with accelerated sloughing, collagen reproduction and continuous plumping hydration. Sure, there are hundreds of topical brands in shiny, branded packages that make our hearts sing when we’re near them. Due to research, some of the most effective skin care miracles are also the most expensive, while others simply do their job remarkably well for less than the price of a spa manicure. Our anti-aging tune-up is about products that actually work—period.Incidentally, each manufacturer listed here has their own synergistic skincare lineups that are respectively terrific in their own ways. You can consume their lines wholly or add trophy products as you go. Below are HudsonMOD’s picks for top anti-aging products you should use as part of your daily anti-aging routine. By the way, any beauty editor worth their salt (myself very much included) practices the art of arsenal product layering via multiple silver bullets of skincare—simultaneously. Here we go: HudsonMOD’s seven steps in seven minutes anti-aging regimen. Learn how your life (and your face) will change in three, two, one…


    Since rejuvenation and exfoliation are such hot buttons of youth-lore, we decided to elaborate here. New to the luxury market and the US is the award-winning AquaFolia skincare line (water and plant based), giving us one of the most unique products to date—Enzymatic Exfoliant. A fizzy ‘slougher’ that becomes active when you pump parts one and two together, giving you a full-throttle, sanitary micro-exfoliator each and every time (think Rodeo Drive Alka-Seltzer for the face). More affordable pieces of the Philosophy skincare line may seem entry-level to some hard-core afi cionados, but their cleansing trio excels in this department. Purity is for deep, gentle daily cleansing; Microdelivery Exfoliating Wash is a mild resurfacing cleanser effective enough for makeup debris and fine lines, followed by their thrice-weekly Microdelivery Purifying Peel a few minutes a week. For once, the adage of “one step forward; two steps back” is a good thing. No, a great thing.



    2. TONE

    Skin toners vary in their intentions and results. Clinique’s Clarifying Toners are still considered by many as the go-to for clearing the skin palette. Generally used to remove cleansing residues, balance the skin’s pH, close pores and gently remove dead skin via a cotton ball, toners have also become state-of-the-art, containing skin-soluble herbs, enzymes and brighteners. If you, too, require even more from your toner, consider Sulwhasoo. Their Balancing Water is actually a gel-textured balancer that’s applied over serum (quite unusual) as an activating skin supplement to your skin’s natural barrier, while enzymatically assisting your moisturizer of choice. A simply astounding luxury staple is SAIAN’s Pure Collagen Elastin Spray (under your serum), with an amazing skincare line built around it.


    3. SERUM

    Short of a doctor’s prescription, Dr. Louise Peck’s HydroPeptide line cleverly supplies us with both short and long-term serum transforming solutions for a serious one-two punch, using 21 of the most advanced peptides available. Anti-Wrinkle Transformation Serum is your perfect daytime solution at the cellular level, with immediate DNA protection and luminosity, line smoothing and plumping. HydroStem+6 is an anti-wrinkle stem cell regeneration serum that maximizes skin’s self-renewal process (keeping mature skin revved up) with six patented botanical stem cells, making this product ideal as your nighttime serum. For Beverly Hills A-list fave Kate Somerville diehards comes Restor8 Replenishing Serum, the all-inclusive serum dynamo clinically developed to reverse eight visible signs of aging or the u?ber-unique DermalQuench Liquid Lift advanced wrinkle treatment. This is a one-of-a-kind multi-tasker that’s actually a spray and contains wrinkle-relaxing PFC-oxygen carriers, fast-penetrating hyaluronic acid and rare botanical extracts for immediate radiance and extreme circulatory lift. I’d consider both skincare lines red carpet-worthy— they’re that good.



    Eye serums and eye creams are not the same, gentle readers. Perricone MD’s Acyl-Glutathione Eye Lid Serum is terrific for treating hydration and circulation while firming and lifting creases and droops—paving the way for better eye makeup applications (too much hydration around the eyes can cause puffiness)—in other words,skin moisturizer should never, ever be used as an eye cream. Another amazing product for eye-hydration and crows feet is NaturaBisse’s Glyco Eye, a top-tier hydro-exfoliating eye cream known as a water based glycolic method of sloughing dead skin cells and lines around the eye area. Also, AMOREPACIFIC’s Rejuvenating Eye Treatment Gel is real gel-crème luxury.





    Once considered our skin’s best friend, so many big-gun options (our previous steps) have tamed some thunder from moisturizers. Fret not. The following products will relentlessly pound micronutrients, age-defying peptides and hydrators into that important canvas of yours. With their exclusive Vita Cura line, REPÊCHAGE is serious about not aging, using proprietary seaweed as their solution for skin-quenching marine-peptide moisture. Vita Cura Triple Firming Cream can be toggled over Opti Lift Serum (day) and Cell Renewal Serum (night) for 24/7 superior results. Their Hydra Medic Mattifying Moisturizer (in my personal repertoire) over their Pore Perfecting Serum, is an absolute essential for high humidity, a no-shine day, photography or when not wearing makeup. Micro algae and tea based, the miracle moisturizer includes a micronized mineral sunscreen.



    The goal is to apply a rich feeling sunscreen (not heavy) that also looks great on our skin—working quietly and barely there. For that reason, we prefer SPF sprays, with the exception of HydroPeptide’s light-as-air heavyweight that self-adjusts to your skin tone’s color with their award-winning (pearlized spheres) Anti-Wrinkle Skin Enhancing UV Protection. It’s state-of-the-art enhancement with vital protection. As for SPF sprays, Hampton Sun’s SPF 35 Continuous Mist Sunscreen provides light, effective coverage as does SAIAN’s Sunscreen Mist SPF 29 and Shiseido’s Refreshing Sun Protection Spray SPF 16.




    7. SPRAYS

    Like afternoon tea for your skin, there’s no better pick-me-up than a facial mist blast of firming, hydrative antioxidants. I almost missed my flight because I refused to surrender my Moisture Bound Skin Energy by AMOREPACIFIC. Dermalogica’s Antioxidant Hydramist is another great mobile partner from their Age Smart series.



    For maintenance—and to smooth, exfoliate, detoxify, strengthen, lift and brighten—HydroPeptide’s Polish & Plump Peel’s two-step home spa really provides visible results. Followed by their serum under Instant Peptide Miracle Mask, you’ll soon see why five-star spas dub it the “date night peel” with no recovery time necessary and enough product for handfuls of treatments. Another celebrity-endorsed powerhouse is REPÊCHAGE‘s Brightening Miracle Mask from their Biolight line that’s a terrific stand alone, quick treatment. Dermalogica’s travel trio set of boosters (customized targeting for different days) is a must-have and includes Skin Renewal Booster (my favorite for lines), Hydrating Booster and Extra Firming Booster. See why so many people have pledged allegiance to this line for more than a decade.


    P.S. As for the latest must-have service using the most technologically advanced device, run, don’t walk, to HydraFacial.com. They’ll supply the nearest licensed provider for an unforgettable—and celebrity-skin worthy treatment. You can thank me later.