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    77 Hudson Penthouse: Luxurious and Ready

    • Dec 3, 2014

    • By:Nicole Fonzino


    As New York’s skyline becomes whole once again with the completion of the new World Trade Center complex, K. Hovnanian’s lavish Gold Coast high-rise 77 Hudson offers impeccable views from the George Washington Bridge all the way to the Verrazano Bridge—and everything in between.

    _DSC0375_adj (800x532)The Big Apple has always been one of the world’s most sought after destinations to live. In recent years, though, New Jersey’s Gold Coast has become an irrepressible competitor by providing the same and in some cases more luxurious amenities to its residents: a more viable real-estate market, superior building features, larger living spaces and an even more breathtaking view of Manhattan’s skyline than Brooklyn offers. While people struggle to find lavish living spaces on the island for a reasonable price, Gold Coast owners continue to reap the benefits of both sides of the Hudson River.
    With his expertise in selling luxury homes in New Jersey and on the Gold Coast, Scott Waldman has broken New Jersey real estate records with the two highest sales in the state’s history. Rightfully earning his title as New Jersey’s very own “Million Dollar Listing Broker,” Waldman has been selling homes in K. Hovnanian’s 77 Hudson, an opulent high-rise condominium development that has become an iconic piece of property in New Jersey, attracting buyers from all over the world.
    As the lead broker of the luxurious building, Waldman says, “The views [from 77 Hudson] are unmatched by any other building along the Gold Coast. And you can’t beat the price. If you look in the city for similar square footage, you will pay double, if not more.”
    Not only does 77 Hudson offer exceptional views of New York City’s iconic skyline, but it also is located across the street from the ferry and New Jersey PATH, making commutes to and from New York City very convenient. Besides the ideal location, 77 Hudson provides homeowners with a long list of amenities, including a virtual golf room, 24/7 concierge services, a rooftop bar, screening rooms and a fully equipped gym.
    Although Waldman has already sold most of the lavish homes in the building, two still remain, and both are penthouse residences. Selling for nearly $3-million each, K. Hovnanian and Waldman teamed up with HudsonMOD to showcase one of the two remaining high rises to potential buyers. An exclusive cocktail event in honor of 77 Hudson’s acquirable space was held on Wednesday, November 12 at the premier penthouse located on the 47th floor. More than a hundred VIP brokers from the New York City metropolitan area attended the event, which was staged by HudsonMOD’s design editor Vanessa Deleon.
    EF3A9918 (800x533)The New York-based interior designer focuses on injecting her “glamilistic” touch (a mixture of streamline minimalism and glamour) into each of her projects. Deleon’s interior-design reputation grew after her appearance on HGTV’s Design Star. Since then, she’s been featured on NBC’s American Dream Builders and the Food Network’s Restaurant Impossible as well as in Cosmopolitan.
    Deleon secured prominent brands to stage the premier penthouse, which featured Modani’s modern furnishings, KBD Home accessories and rugs provided by Creative Touch New York. Spanish-American artist Domingo Zapata displayed his artwork for the attending guests.
    Zapata’s style, referred to as “Neo Expressionist,” mixes modern and urban designs. His work is collected by notable celebrities, including Johnny Depp, Leonardo DiCaprio and George Soros. Often referred to as the “Andy Warhol of our generation” by publications such as The Daily Mail and the New York Post, Zapata’s New York exhibition “A Bullfighter in New York/Un Torero En Nueva York” opened at the C24 Gallery on November 6. It features his “Dress to Kill” series and his Chaquetillas (bullfighting jackets) as well as other paintings related to Spanish bullfighting. His work also will hang in the newly restored Colosseum in Rome and in New York’s Plaza hotel lobby. Zapata was just named the exclusive artist for the Freedom Tower in Lower Manhattan, and his paintings will be showcased in the lobby.
    After being treated to a preview of Paul Miller Bentleys parked in front of 77 Hudson, guests were stunned by the view upon entering the furnished penthouse. As they gazed across the Hudson River, perhaps imagining themselves living in that spot, they enjoyed cocktails and hors d’oeuvres served by Fabulous Foods.
    “The event was a success!” says Waldman. “We had over 100 brokers and clients show up. Vanessa Deleon did a beautiful job staging the home, and Domingo Zapata graciously allowed us to show three of his beautiful paintings.” As a result of the event’s overwhelming success, Waldman received an offer from an overseas client for the showcased 77 Hudson penthouse.
    K. Hovnanian’s successful chapter with 77 Hudson may be coming to a close, but Waldman has no intention of stopping his real-estate ventures on the Gold Coast. In fact, he plans to top them. “My next project will consist of three buildings with approximately 500 homes. They will be situated right on the Gold Coast with amazing views of New York City. More to come on that in the near future.”
    To learn more about K. Hovnanian’s 77 Hudson, please click here.


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