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    A Modern Classic: The Grill

    • Jun 8, 2017

    • By:Alyssa Schiff

    teh grill ny 2New York City’s famed Seagram Building built in 1958 had been home to the Four Seasons restaurant for almost 60 years before the restaurant was closed in 2016. The restaurant’s grandeur and classic menu played host to “America’s Most Famous Lunch” and will go down in history as a New York classic. With the restaurant’s closing in the summer of 2016, patrons wondered at the future of their beloved space.

    The Major Food Group has now taken over the space, and plans to have the new restaurant, titled The Grill, embody the spirit of New York in 1958. In order to travel back in time, the restaurant has spared no expense in transforming the space and menu. The latter of which, created by Chef Mario Carbone, will offer classic cocktails, dishes finished tableside, steak tartare and more.

    the grill ny 1The already sophisticated room with chains for window curtains and brass rods hanging from the ceiling will largely stay untouched. A playlist curated from popular jazz and R&B from the ’50s will play in the background as waiters dressed in Tom Ford tuxedos push silver trolleys through the tables, ready to take diners back in time.

    The Grill hopes to attract new group of dedicated guests. The new restaurant opened its doors on May 2nd, and will only be serving dinner to guests for the time being. For those curious about The Grill and its new claim to a time past, reservations can be made up to a month in advance. 

    Those with a yearning for a night in the ’50s accompanied by excellent food and drinks surely won’t be disappointed with this new modern classic.


    To learn more about The Grill, please visit: http://www.thegrillnewyork.com/index.html


    Photos via SohoGrand.com & NYTimes.com