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    Achieve Skin Like Butter

    • Jul 18, 2013

    • By:Michael Scrivner

    Skin Like Butter is not your typical body lotion. It is a familial passion that has made its way from the backwoods of Alabama to customers across the nation. Alexandria Williamson, the founder of Skin Like Butter, is a fourth-generation skin care specialist whose pride and expertise come from her humble and historic beginnings.

    Williamson’s great-great grandmother was the original artist and visionary behind Skin Like Butter lotion, and Alexandria has continued this legacy by searching for and incorporating the healthiest ingredients and aromatic scents into each product. Promoted as water free and vegan, the Skin Like Butter line is infused with nature’s power ingredients like Shea butter, aloe vera, vegetable oils and more to ensure healthy gorgeous and glowing skin.

    Today, Skin Like Butter is available in 15 stores on the West Coast and the budding brand has over 50 available tantalizing scents that include almond, apple, citrus, coconut, cucumber mint, dark chocolate, lavender, lemongrass and unscented for those with sensitive skin.

    The story of Skin Like Butter is one of passion, antiquity and love, but Williamson’s mission is much simpler: She wants you to love your skin and she wants others to love it, too.