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    Aires Jewelers’ Man Up Event

    • Feb 25, 2015

    • By:Nicole Fonzino

    EF3A1975On Thursday, February 12, HudsonMOD and Aires Jewelers teamed up to co-host Man Up, yet another successful premier event at the Aires Jewelers showroom in Morris Plains, New Jersey. Guests traveled from all over the Tri-State area to come and experience this all-encompassing men’s lifestyle event.
    Once inside the showroom, guests were treated to a variety of delectable fare presented by Sage Catering. Some hors d’oeuvres of the night included lobster bisque shooters, cheese and meat platters, Italian crostini and desserts.
    To accompany the food, sponsors Punzone and D’Usse provided drinks for guests to sip on throughout the night. Punzone, a premier vodka company, created mixed drinks with their different flavored vodkas, while D’Usse poured tastings of their coveted cognac.
    EF3A1969Besides food and drink tastings, guests were able to shown different types of high-end cigars presented by J.R. Cigars as well as learn about new aero technology from Titan. Both J.R. Cigars and Titan were also sponsors of Man Up. The Aires Jewelers team also displayed some of their luxury men’s pieces throughout the showroom. Some jewelry included timepieces, rings, bracelets and more. Blackjack and other card games were also available to guest to leisurely play.
    During the course of the event, Man Up guests were encouraged to participate in our luxury raffle. The first prizewinner received a custom fit, Mel Gambert dress shirt. A live violinist and DJ entertained guests with upbeat tunes throughout the night. As guests left Man Up, they were given a Dieci Uomo Men’s Salon gift bag.
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    Check out the photos from the Man Up event below (click to enlarge!)
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