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    • May 9, 2014

    • By:Kathy Osborne

    Seasons may change but traditions don’t.

    In fact, a change of season marks the culinary celebration of what locals in the San Francisco Bay area like to call a farm-to-table Italian inspiration. Such a heady distinction is given to the Americano Restaurant. Located on the first floor of Hotel Vitale just across from San Francisco’s Ferry Building, Americano Restaurant is a stylish twist to fine dining. The impressive circular design of the cocktail lounge offers 180 degree panoramic views and a superb attention to detail, apparent in the décor that features natural wood and a heavy dose of light leveled through the bay windows at sunset.

    Once seated, either indoor or on the beautiful outdoor patio, you are guaranteed a view that overlooks San Francisco Bay’s waterfront neighborhood, including the Ferry Building and iconic Bay Bridge with its spectacular Bay Lights art installation. Seated in a private dining area with a view, my decision was easily made: I had to begin the culinary exploration with the Americano Classic, an infusion of crushed orange slices with Campari, Antica Carpano and Vermouth 10. Something sweet, yet subtle and also striking to the palette had my senses warmed up. I began the first course with La Quercia prosciutto with marinated butter beans, escarole and aged Pecorino — an Italian dry-cured classic that left enough room for the Jordan River mussels with bacon and herb brodo and grilled levain. The presentation and savory quality of both plates confirmed a clear message: Chef Kory Stewart is focused on creating fresh Italian dishes with locally produced ingredients. It was easy to imagine the culinary professional at the Ferry Street Market Place, located across the street from his kitchen, deciding what produce to hand craft for his audience.

    The second course consisted of Branzino with baby octopus, pork belly, smoked cayenne and confit marble potatoes. The European sea-bass filet was a delight, and paired perfectly with chili spices and boneless cut pork. Dining at Americano felt as if I was on a wild Italian adventure experiencing the cities abundance of fresh, clean vegetables and seafood. Americano is not just a restaurant, it’s a culinary experience complimented by an excellent staff that are eager to provide you with an assortment of hand-crafted dishes and cocktails. Get ready for your very own personal adventure once a reservation is made.

    If you’re interested in dining at Americano, you can get further details at www.americanorestaurant.com