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    AromaWorks: Scents Of Purity For The Home

    • Jul 17, 2013

    • By:Michael Scrivner

    The history of AromaWorks transcends international borders, nature and the power of the senses. Jane Hibbert’s entrancing all-natural candle line ignited in 2011 and the budding company immediately found popularity amongst high-end spas in London. Two years later, partner Nita Lenz is championing AromaWorks USA LLC, but neither she nor Hibbert have forgotten their quaint beginnings with “the scents of purity”.

    Hibbert’s passion for wax, oils and wick started at a young age, but it evolved with her desire to soothe friends and family through organic soy and beeswax candles. With the support of those around her and Lenz’s belief in the power of AromaWorks, Hibbert is now sharing her luxurious and invigorating secret with the world.

    AromaWorks’ fundamental goal is to enhance everyday life through aromatherapy with essential oils. The Signature Range, which consists of candles, reed diffusers, room mists and essential oils, comes in various mood-setting aromas. Nurture, for example, is designed to soothe you; Serenity will exude peace; Inspire can help you finish that next big project; and Soulful is a truly meditative experience. To infuse the sensations of touch and smell, both Nurture and Serenity will be available as bath and body oils this fall.

    More than 500 flower heads are dried and pressed to produce one drop of the essential oils in AromaWorks products—some blends, impressively, require nine essential oils. This painstaking work simply speaks to the unparalleled quality of Hibbert’s brand and her dedication to all-natural remedies.

    “I was inspired to make organic soy and beeswax candles because most competitors use paraffin and I didn’t want to burn such a toxic chemical in my home. For me, leisure is a special time that should be savored and, by using natural oils, I was able to make AromaWorks as complex and sophisticated as a fine wine or perfume,” Hibbert says.

    After two successful years, it seems that AromaWorks will continue to burn the candle at both ends until customers around the globe are assuaged by the healing power of essential oils.