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    ASID NJ Awards Gala

    • Jun 29, 2017

    • By:Lindsey Heale


    Representatives from Sherwin-Williams, an Industry Partner, in the spotlight.

    Representatives from Sherwin-Williams, an Industry Partner, in the spotlight.

    On June 14, 2017, New Jersey Chapter of the American Society of Interior Designers (ASID)’s Design Excellence Awards entrants attended a rewarding dinner gala at the Shadowbrook in Shrewsbury. The evening united NJ Chapter of ASID interior designers, industry partners, family, colleagues and friends in celebration of the competition’s winners, with 18 designers winning a total of 30 prizes between them.

    At the competition’s launch, designers were called to exercise their creativity, talent and innovation while they developed their individual projects. Said projects were completed in residential and commercial/non-residential sectors, each division having a variety of categories to choose from. The residential sector hosted 11, where designers could fashion their projects from a single space (besides kitchens and bathrooms), two or more spaces, a historical preservation and more. For the commercial/non-residential sector, designers selected from seven categories, such as institutional/governmental spaces, hospitality spaces, showroom/retail/exhibit spaces and others. It was required that entrants utilize at least one industry partner by the time of their project’s conclusion.

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    2017 Design Excellence Award winners from ASID NJ Chapter

    “Successful entries demonstrated exceptional design and positive impact on life and the human experience in keeping with ASID’s mission,” proudly remarked Anna Maria Mannarino, Allied ASID, President of the New Jersey Chapter. “The Design Excellence awards reinforce the ASID commitment to important design principles.” This elegant gala marked an end to the Chapter’s 2017 year, but with smiles all around.

    In regards to the judging criteria, a diversified group of credentialed ASID members from throughout the country were called to offer their knowledgeable, critical eyes. For a total of 90 points, entries were graded from nine distinct categories. The categories were the following: effectiveness of the design solution, functional use of space, scale and proportion, color and composition, innovative use of materials, creativity of the design solution, effective use of lighting, use of sustainable design principles and use of universal design principles. Entries needed to utilize their most valued skills as designers to reach a score between 80 and 90, therefore obtaining gold. 70-79 earned silver, and 60-69 earned bronze.


    Featured Image: 2017 Design Excellence Award winners of Golds from the New Jersey Chapter of the American Society of Interior Designers 

    Images by Charles Pacillo