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    Beach Bag Beauty Essentials

    • May 21, 2012

    • By:Marco Medrano

    Your friends are waiting for you as you run out the door to catch some rays and enjoy the glorious summer weather beach or poolside. Plan ahead and prepare your beach bag with some beauty essentials for face, body and hair. Having a fully stocked beach bag at the ready simply makes sense.

    Here at HudsonMOD we appreciate how busy you are so we did the research (the hard part) for you. What follows are the very best must-have essentials to make the sun-in-the-fun months a truly epic experience.

    But first, some tips.

    Things To Do Right After Exiting The Water:

    • Tilt your head back and pour a cup (or more) of drinking water over your hair and face and let it wash the elements away. Follow with hair leave-in treatment spray, then UV hair protectant. If you know for sure you’re just sunbathing and not going in the water, then it’s an absolutely perfect time for a deep penetrating hair mask. Apply generously and wear hair in a ponytail before leaving the house.
    • Pick a good—no—a great treatment moisturizer just for your beach bag that’s vacuum pumped to avoid bacteria (this is when you need the good stuff the most). Apply every single time you emerge from the water. If you know you’re not taking any sun under that floppy hat, then it could be the perfect time for your brightening treatment that boasts a high SPF. Who says we can’t enjoy the beach?
    • Avoid heavy sunscreen body treatments on your face. This is important, so I’ll repeat it. No sunscreen meant for body use should ever come near your face. Always use a facial spray sunscreen.
    • Applying real shea butter on the cuticles of hands and feet can withstand several bouts in the sea or pool and avoid cracking by days end. Shea butter is the real thing, folks.

    Diane von Furstenberg’s (DvF) Large Kaya Printed Canvas Bag

    Always the seasoned traveler, DvF’s perfect beach-to-town chic bag, big enough for towel, products, farmers’ market essentials and, of course, your (discrete) copy of Fifty Shades of Grey. This yummy beach tote has patent handles as well as sport straps with an internal snap pouch. Score!

    AMOREPACIFIC Moisture Bound Lip Treatment

    Rich and sappy, this lip savior is made from bamboo sap, the strongest plant in the world.


    ECRU Silk Nourishing Spray Leave-in Treatment + Silk Nectar Serum

    The absolute one-two punch your hair needs post swimming to protect it from damaging salt and/or chlorine. Use the nectar on the hair from shaft to ends for added seal-and-shine.

    Paul Brown Hawaii Resurrect Conditioning Reconstructor + Kukui Nut Oil

    A pioneer in hair smoothing and earthen treatments, Paul Brown die-hards L-O-V-E these products. ‘Resurrect’ does just that and it’s a great all day/all night intensive repair solution. ‘Kukui’ takes hot-oil treatments to a new level—it’s a potent, organic sunscreen on its own.

    SAIAN Sunscreen Mist SPF 29 + Pure Collagen Elastin Spray

    This sunscreen is a-ma-zing. Spray on TOP of skincare products or alone. Since it’s a spray, there are no jars or possibility of contamination. And, it’s way portable. This pure collagen spray is a terrific staple, a must-do prior to every skin care regimen. A tad decadent for the beach? Maybe. We say, buy it by the truckload.

    La Prairie Anti-Aging Emulsion SPF 30

    Light and powerful, this fab product from fab La Prairie delivers super hydrators and nutrients with calming, cellular protection. Best part? You can do your face good while humming to your iPod.

    Ouidad Sun Shield Spray + Double Detangler Comb

    Just got out of the salty surf? After combing in leave-in conditioners, this sun shield spray is your last line of defense in helping to keep your color locked in and the UV dryness away from your tresses.

    From the legendary “Queen of Curly” comes the ultimate two-row safe detangler comb with twice the mojo. Start at the ends first, then gently work your way up. Repeat.