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    “Bee” Beautiful With These Bee-Inspired Products

    • Aug 12, 2017

    • By:Nicole Fonzino

    Bees are not just beneficial to our environment, their secretions (think, honey, venom and propolis) are also some of the most beneficial ingredients found in many beauty products. From blood circulation to protecting hair from heating tools to its antibacterial properties, test out these must have bee-auty products on the market right now.


    Screen Shot 2017-08-03 at 11.50.27 AMBee Venom Eye by Rodial, $160

    You can kiss eye wrinkles goodbye by adding Rodial’s Bee Venom Eye product into your daily beauty routine. Made with bee venom, this super ingredient works with the product’s other ingredients to eradicate wrinkles by increasing blood circulation to create plumpness in the eye area. Other ingredients include haloxyl to reduce dark circles, vitamin C for brightening your skin tone and p-cell to help elasticity. To purchase Bee Venom, visit rodial.co.uk/us/bee-venom-eye-3. 


    Screen Shot 2017-08-03 at 12.41.00 PMHeat Block Spray 22 by Kenra, $23

    Are you an avid user or hair straighteners or curling irons? If so, then Kenra’s Heat Block Spray 22 will soon become your new best friend. The product aims to protect your luscious locks from the heat with its key ingredient: bee propolis. This all-natural product is typically made to seal their hive, and Kenra’s use of bee propolis works similarly. The Heat Block Spray 22 is infused with bee propolis, which will coat and protect your hair up to about 450 degrees Fahrenheit. Another plus? The Heat Block Spray 22 smells like a mixture of honey and nectarine, so your hair can look and smell nice all day long. To purchase, visit KenraProfessional.com


    Screen Shot 2017-08-03 at 11.51.22 AMDrops of Crystal Cashmere Touch Serum by Manuka Doctor, $39.95

    This serum by Manuka Doctor combines not one, but two ingredients produced by bees: purified bee venom and Manuka honey. These two ingredients mixed with crystal drops not only will leave your skin looking beautiful, but feeling beautiful as well. The purified bee venom works to plump the skin, while the Manuka honey helps elasticity. According to the company, this touch serum is clinically proven to generate firmer skin after one use, reduce wrinkle depth in 28 days and make skin look younger. Bottom line, your skin will thank you! To purchase, visit ManukaDoctor.com/skin-care/cashmere-touch-serum.html. 


    MasqueMajestueux_VotreVisageMasque Majestueux by Valmont,$425

    Made in Switzerland, Valmont’s Masque Majestueux will be all the rave when it is released on the market this September. Combining honey, propolis and royal jelly, the newest Essence of Bees line is one of the most luxurious skincare lines to launch. When used, the Masque Majestueux will work to transform your skin. The three ingredients will be absorbed into the skin to help reduce wrinkles, make skin appear younger and give a radiant glow. The Essence of Bees line includes two other products: the Cure Majestueuse and the Serum Majestueux. Keep an eye out for its release this fall exclusively at BoutiqueValmont.com, saks.com and SPA Valmont at Hotel Plaza Athenee. 

    Images via Rodial.co.uk/us; KenraProfessional.com; ManukaDoctor.com and Valmont