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    The Bentley Handbag Collection

    • Jan 5, 2015

    • By:Nicole Fonzino

    BENTLEY_BARNATO_SAFFRON_PROFILEThe British auto manufacturer, Bentley Motors Limited, creates and markets some of the most exclusive, highly desirable exotics available for purchase in the world today; but as of last year, autos aren’t the only sought after product that customers are seeking to buy from the luxury brand.

    Bentley announced they would be releasing an exclusive new line of high-end products that would target their women demographic: The Bentley Handbag Collection; and what captures a woman’s attention more than a brand-new line of handbags?



    The brand’s upscale collection, which launched last year during the Geneva Motor Show, features two limited edition handbags: the Barnato and the Continental—each named after a significant moment in time for Bentley. The Continental refers to their original 1952 exotic, which still stands as a prominent design within the company today; and the Barnato pays homage to Diana Barnato Walker, who was the daughter of Bentley’s former chairman, Woolf Barnato. Diana is widely known throughout Britain for her accomplishments in aviation for being the first female pilot to break the sound barrier.

    BENTLEY_BARNATO_ST_JAMES_RED_INTERIORWhen the handbag line first premiered, the collection only included 160 bags each valued around $6,000. Because the product saw much success, Bentley continued to create the handbags. While the two designs (the Barnato and the Continental) stayed the same, the company updated the color schemes to correspond with the current season.

    Ariane Reinhart, who resides on Bentley Motors’ board, said in a press release pertaining to the collection, “The colors are strong and exciting. We want to bring accents of daring color into a woman’s wardrobe.”

    Currently, the 2014 collection of the handbags each come in five different colors.  The Barnato comes in two, two-toned colored bags including imperial blue and linen and St. James red and aquamarine, as well as solid colors including saffron, burgundy and Portland, which is similar to a taupe color. The Continental features solid colored bags in ivory, saddle (brown) and Cumbrian green, as well as two-toned bags in an autumn brown and light blue and dragon red and storm gray.

    BENTLEY_CONTINENTAL_ZIPWhile each of the bags have unique features, both exteriors are made from lambskin leather giving them a high-quality look and feel, while the inside is fashioned with Bentley quilting. What separates the two bags from one another are the design and closure fixtures. The Barnato bag has a winged shape, paying homage to the Bentley wings logo, and a clasp closure making it more of a futuristic style handbag. The Continental, however, stays in line with a more traditional feel as it features a more common shape for a woman’s handbag and a familiar zipper closure. Each of the handbags comes with an extra additive. The Barnato features a mirror inscribed with the Bentley logo and the Continental comes with a waterproof makeup bag. Currently, customers will be wait-listed for the purchase of each bag. To sign up to purchase either the Barnato or the Continental, please visit the Bentley website by clicking here.


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