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    Benzel-Busch’s Annual Open Haus Event

    • Nov 6, 2014

    • By:Nicole Fonzino


    EF3A9147 (800x533)On October 16, Benzel-Busch hosted their annual Open Haus event at their showroom in Englewood, New Jersey, which showcased the newest models of the 2015 Mercedes Benz collection, including the S-Class Coupe, the C-Class and GLA-Class SUVs. Guests who purchased a Mercedes throughout the course of the event received $500 off of their purchase and a portion of the proceeds went to benefit the luxury auto dealer’s long-time partner, the Englewood Hospital and the Leslie Simon Breast Care and Cytodiagnosis Center.

    The event, which lasted from noon to 8 p.m., invited guests to browse the displayed collections as well as give them a chance to examine each car’s interior and exterior thoroughly. Besides observing the cars, guests enjoyed an assortment of hors d’oeuvres and drinks, and were able to directly speak with staff of the Englewood Hospital, who were handing out breast cancer awareness pamphlets and answering questions.

    EF3A9184 (800x533)Among the guests was Englewood’s very own Cory Nieves, CEO of his own start-up company: Mr. Cory’s Cookies. Nieves, who began his cookie company at the age of 9, wanted to raise funds for his mother so she could purchase a car. In September, Nieves was featured as a guest on the Ellen DeGeneres Show for his success with Mr. Cory’s Cookies and DeGeneres ended up donating a car to Cory and his mother. Dressed to the nines, Cory mingled with other Benzel-Busch guests and took photos sitting in the newest Mercedes models.

    While all cars displayed were envied by guests, there was one car that stood out among the rest—the 2015 S-Class S550 4MATIC Coupe. The car’s sleek black exterior and deep red leather interior had guests vying for a chance to sit behind the wheel throughout the night. Other cars that attracted attention were the all-black G-Class SUV and the bright pink Smart Car, which donned “Smart Car Englewood” and the breast cancer ribbon in honor of the Open Haus event.

    EF3A9165 (800x533)According to Benzel-Busch management, the event had a huge turn-out over the course of the day—especially during mid-afternoon and towards the last couple hours of the event. At the end of the 8-hours, the premier auto dealer sold around 30 new Mercedes models and was able to donate a portion of that money to the Englewood Hospital and the Leslie Simon Breast Care and Cytodiagnosis Center.




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    Check out photos from the Open Haus event below! 

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