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    Bilotta Kitchen Design

    • Apr 24, 2014

    • By:Kristin Ohnmacht

    This contemporary kitchen, designed by Mel Elion of Bilotta Kitchens, features a mix of finishes that come together for one cohesive modern design. Cabinets are by Artcraft, Bilotta contemporary line. One perimeter wall features a quarter-sawn angered with a silvery gloss finish, a break from the classic white wood. The island and appliance walls feature a flat panel lacquer door in a custom high-gloss color that was created with input from the designer and her client, one of the beauties of working with a custom shop.

    Accents in stainless for both the island legs, toe kicks and the custom designed hood add to the clean, contemporary look, as do the aluminum tambour roll-up and open shelves. The backsplash is a raised glass tile in a mixed palette that picks up all the different tones throughout the kitchen; the island countertop is a thick milky white glass while the perimeter tops are a much thinner polished CaesarStone. Appliances are by Miele. Photos by Peter Rymwid.

    Contact info: 866-BILOTTA, kristin@bilotta.com,www.bilotta.com.