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    BlackSocks Brings Style

    • Mar 20, 2013

    • By:Jacqueline Roman

    When BlackSocks cofounder Samy Liechti attended his first formal business dinner in 1994, he felt nothing short of sophisticated, prepared and successful. Most importantly, he felt well dressed. Upon entering a Japanese teahouse with the business executives he wanted so desperately to impress and removing his shoes, Liechti realized that his sock drawer had betrayed him. The professional image this young college-grad honed had a large hole, just like the one his toe was peeking through.

    From this humiliation spawned the unique idea of BlackSocks and the innovative establishment of the sockscription program the company would develop. Since its initial birth in 1999, BlackSocks has sold over three million socks and has shipped to over 74 countries, becoming a household name in France, Germany and Switzerland. More recently, BlacksSocks has set sights on spreading its sock drawer revolution to the United States. Manufactured in Milan, Italy by a team of highly skilled artisans and made with the finest PIMA cotton, it’s clear the company has developed their niche in a market previously untapped.

    Men subscribe to magazines, clubs and online-streaming sites, why not subscribe to a sock company? The masterminds at BlackSocks understand that being a polished professional is a head-to-toe look, and with a BlackSocks sockscription, men can sign up for a tri-annual delivery that would essentially dissolve any worries of feet faux pas. A standard sockscription delivers three pairs of socks shortly after your order, another three pairs after four months and the last installment after eight months. Customers can customize their sock packages, choosing business light, cashmere, merino wool or urban comfort styles, among others. Men can further personalize their sockscription with the option to change desired quantity and frequency. The convenient service takes under 10 minutes to sign up for and the company extends a policy of free shipping and tax to all orders. The standard sockscription is priced at $89, but how can you put a price on exemption from the mortifying feeling of sub-par sock etiquette?

    BlackSocks has been changing the way men see their sock drawers since 1999, bringing the quality and fit of cashmere knee-highs to a level of coveted importance much akin to a top-notch watch collection. And at HudsonMOD, we see nothing wrong in extending the idea of luxury to every aspect of life, even your feet.