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    Brad Goreski: Stylin’

    • Apr 23, 2013

    • By:Richard Perez-Feria

    It’s hard to resist Brad Goreski. From the reed-thin Canadian’s first on-screen appearance as the endearingly (overly?) sensitive junior assistant to Hollywood celebrity uber-stylist Rachel Zoe, Goreski was the puppy in the window we had to take home. And, boy, did we ever. After three seasons of sartorial giggles, gallons of tears and the smartest, sharpest fashion eye on television as a key player in Bravo’s long-running hit The Rachel Zoe Project, Goreski was rewarded by the network with his own series, It’s A Brad, Brad World (season two is currently airing), after announcing to Zoe that he was leaving her employ. By all accounts, Zoe—and, significantly, her husband, Rodger Berman—didn’t take Goreski’s departure well at all. At all.

    Goreski’s career ascension has been fast and impressive: A couple of summer interning gigs at couture bibles Vogue and W, an assistant role at Vogue’s Los Angeles office and a career-defining chance encounter with Zoe. Goreski is currently riding high as Exclusive Brand Stylist for Kate Spade New York, author of a best-selling memoir, Born To Be Brad: My Life and Style, So Far (HarperCollins) and go-to stylist for some of Hollywood’s biggest names including Jessica Alba, Demi Moore, Christina Ricci, Minka Kelly, Stacy Keibler, Rashida Jones and many more.

    Speaking with Brad Goreski is exactly how you imagine it would be—a hell of a lot of fun. He’s chatty, honest and witty and you could easily see how he could become your best friend. But make no mistake: This new, mature, business-savvy, telegenic, fashion-obsessed man is a puppy no more. Big dog Brad has arrived. Woof!

    Define luxury.

    A day off—an entire day that I’m not married to my iPhone.

    What’s the biggest fashion mistake women make?

    It’s this ongoing fascination with comfort. Sweat pants and borderline pajamas are not OK outside the home. Ever. [Laughs]

    Easiest fashion fix?

    Straying outside their comfort zone: If you wear sweats, try jeans. If you wear jeans, try a pencil skirt. Just push your boundaries a little bit.

    Do you realize how many young people you’ve helped?

    I wasn’t aware until I went on my book tour last year in the US and Canada. I think it’s very important to emphasize to all young people—gay or straight—that the kids who are picked on the most in school have something very special to contribute to the world. They really do.

    Tell me about you and Rachel Zoe.

    I’m at a peaceful place with the entire Rachel situation. Here’s where I’m at—I adore Rachel and I always will. If Rachel ever wanted to talk to me, my door’s totally open.

    How many tears are shed this season of It’s A Brad, Brad World?

    Oh, way less than last year! [Laughs] This season you’ll see me as more of a boss since I have two new assistants. There’s big drama coming their way, of course, but I’m no Miranda Priestley as a boss. Even when I’m mean, I’m nice. [Laughs]

    Who’s Hollywood’s best-dressed?

    Well, besides my clients, Rooney Mara has a very individual style that I love. She’s completely unique. Diane Kruger is another contender, and you can’t go wrong with the classic Helen Mirren—I think her look is effervescent with a wink-wink to the audience.

    In five years you’re doing what?

    I’m really happy where things are now, but I’d love to see the Brad Goreski brand grow. I hope my business is at a different level in five years, but I’m still styling.

    Any experience with New Jersey.

    I’m friends with [Real Housewives Of New Jersey star] Caroline Manzo, whom I love. And at a book signing in New Jersey last year I met the chicest 11-year-old I’ve ever seen. So, yes, Jersey’s great.

    Tell me a secret.

    I wear $19.99 slippers with memory foam around the house. What’s so funny, Richard? It’s true! [Laughs]

    Are you happy?

    You know, I’m extremely happy. I really am. Thanks for asking! [Laughs]