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    London To Receive A ‘Sweet Treat’

    • Feb 19, 2016

    • By:Nicole Fonzino

    unnamed (6)Londoners just received some very sweet news. Beginning on March 3, the Café Royal Hotel will open London’s first-ever dessert restaurant, which will specifically cater to those who love indulging in sweets.

    Sarah Barber, who currently resides as the executive pastry chef, established the concept of the dessert aspect and created the mouthwatering menu items to go along with her idea. The menu will consist of either a three-, four- or five-course meal filled with delectable desserts including items such as a Milky Way with goat cheese, wild honey and beetroot snow; Rhubarb and custard; Jaffa cake; and a Snickers and chocolate malt shake.

    unnamed (4)However, the sweet treats aren’t the only perk to this after-dinner treat. Guests of the dessert restaurant can also experience a wine pairing to complement each course. Wines that will be showcased will include Henriques y Henriques madeira wine, Prosecco and dessert wines.

    The Café Royal Hotel currently serves as one of London’s five-star hotels and as one of the city’s oldest hotspots. Before being transformed into a hotel, Londoners knew Café Royal as a restaurant and hangout retreat, which used to be visited regularly by the elite. Consistent visitors included Winston Churchill, Princess Diana of Wales, Elizabeth Taylor, Louis Armstrong and David Bowie.

    Even after its restoration into a hotel, this Regent Street landmark still stands strong today… and we have a feeling this sweet addition will only make it stronger.

    Image Credits: Café Royal Hotel.