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    Cape Town Fashion Week

    • Jul 30, 2012

    • By:Jamie Hall

    With Manhattan’s own Fashion Week less than seven weeks away, we can’t help but pine for looks from the runway. Though we couldn’t be their ourselves (our Fall issue is keeping us plenty busy), we were excited to learn that Mercedes-Benz had recently partnered with the African Fashion Institute as the main sponsor of South Africa’s Cape Town Fashion Week, just as it has for many other fashionable cities around the globe.

    With 2012 marking the tenth fashion-filled year and the first official Mercedes-Benz branded weekend of shows for the area, Cape Town Fashion week’s theme of “icon” seemed all the more fitting. The four fashionable days featured 18 shows highlighting some of the area’s most celebrated designers and perhaps offering a bit of insight as to what we can expect to see from Manhattan’s elite.

    The African Fashion International’s website has all of the details of the events, but here are two HudsonMOD favorites:

    Gavin Rajah – A household name among the fashion-obsessed in South Africa, Gavin Raja’s collections touched upon the feminine details that we so often crave. Pairing lace with high slits and interesting hemlines created a look that was elegant with a hint of daring.

    Lalesso – Perhaps one of the most interesting collections to walk the runway this weekend was Lalesso, which featured some of the bold colors and patterns we have seen on style mavens this summer, too. By taking traditional African designs and adding their own modern twist, the team behind Lalesso has created a much-coveted line.


    All photos by Simon Deiner / SDR Photo