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    Carnegie Club

    • Mar 11, 2014

    • By:Ty Sawyer

    A brandy and a good cigar. It’s an indulgence in today’s frenetic world. What I love about cigars is it forces me to sit down and have an easy, unhurried conversation, or to sink deep into a chair to contemplate the joys of a simple moment in life. To slow down, even stop what I’m immersed in and just take pleasure in the leisure offered by the fragrant, slow burning tobacco of a well-made cigar.

    And that’s what I love about the Carnegie Club. It’s a genuine cigar bar, filled with books, comfy chairs and Davidoff. I always feel like I step into a slower time when I walk through the door. I can imagine Mark Twain or Winston Churchill would gravitate to a place like this. Go on a Friday, when live Jazz notes mingle with the blue ribbon of smoke that lilts, twists and blooms from the end of your cigar.

    Carnegie Club

    156 West 56, NYC