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    Cartier High Jewelry Bracelet

    • Apr 24, 2014

    • By:Emma Kittle

    High Jewelry Bracelet – Platinum, cushion-shaped, diamonds, brilliants

    In the line of luxury jewelry, there is one name recognized and admired internationally. As a part of their Exceptional Creations line, Cartier , the High Jewelry Bracelet embraces the glitter and glamour of the most famous skyline in the world. Pulling inspiration from the urban environment, the bracelet design has been informed by the architecture of New York and the precise, geometrical lines and shapes that define the city life. While the taut, clean lines evoke an elegance of simplicity in design, the. cushion shaped diamonds, fixed with platinum settings, mirror the powerful and provocative forms that make up the architecture that compels us to look up in awe.

    Possessed by tireless cosmopolitan rhythms, the piece produces a sense of both unending movement and surprising stillness into the design of a diamond-covered bracelet. High Jewelry showcases Cartier’s relationship with the city and stays true to the esteemed Parisian company’s standard of exquisite craftsmanship, grace and sophistication. Cartier has created some of the most luxurious and iconic pieces in the history of jewelry. Their enduring influence on design and craftsmanship has made them one of the most widely recognized symbols of luxury and style. The High Jewelry Bracelet plays on the creative design that has tied the company to the art world and set the bar, against which others measure themselves.