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    Celebrate the Year of the Dog in Style

    • Feb 16, 2018

    • By:Nicole Fonzino

    To celebrate the Year of the Dog — 2018’s Chinese New Year zodiac animal — brands are releasing luxury items you can sport all year long to commemorate the occasion. From clothing to chic accessories, these are the collectibles you must infuse into your repertoire.

    495621_96IQT_8253_001_089_0000_Light-GG-Supreme-Bosco-backpackGG Supreme Bosco Backpack
    This stylish backpack from Gucci is only one of the many accessories launched by the brand in celebration of the Chinese New Year. Featuring Bosco, the creative director’s Boston Terrier, the backpack is fashioned with Gucci’s GG Supreme canvas, red leather trimmings and green-and-red straps. Fashionable and practical, you’ll find yourself carrying it wherever you go. Available at gucci.com, $1,450


    Screen Shot 2018-01-19 at 12.16.43 PMAudrey Capsule Men’s T-Shirt
    Donatella Versace is giving the spotlight to her furry companion, Audrey, in Versace’s newest collection for the Lunar New Year. This men’s t-shirt features a endearing take on Versace’s famed logo — instead the Medusa head has been replaced by Audrey! Fashioned from jersey cotton and embellished with studs, this will elevate your T-shirt game to the next level. Available at versace.com, $825


    Screen Shot 2018-01-25 at 4.46.26 PMChinese Zodiac Dog & Zodiac Loyal Dog 
    Swarovski invents some incredible home decor pieces, so why should their collection for the Chinese New Year be any different? Featuring two sculptures — the Zodiac Loyal Dog and Chinese Loyal Dog — these two pieces can be displayed anywhere in the home during the Year of the Dog. The Chinese Zodiac Dog statue ($529) is fashioned from 849 facets of golden crystal and sits on top of a crystal base, allowing for light to shimmer through whenever it hits it. The Zodiac Loyal Dog sculpture ($65) is more playful than stoic like Swarovski’s other dog companion figurine. The Loyal Dog, designed by Hiroshi Yoshii, is fashioned with blue crystal for the body and green crystal for the collar. Both are ideal to display in the home throughout the year. Available at swarovski.com. 

    Images via Gucci.com, Versace.com and Swarovski.com