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    Champagne For Romance

    • Feb 8, 2014

    • By:Ty Sawyer

    Of all the noble ways in which a grape is used, the results that inspire the most romance are the champagnes.


    Cristal, Louis Roederer 2004

    Cristal is a name that always elicits a response for important and intimate occasions, and this vintage is especially noteworthy. Sourced from grapes in Cote des Blances, among other specially sourced regions, the wonderful structure and freshness on the palette of this Champagne will be sure to light a notable spark in the ouvre ton Coeur to start the evening off in the most promising manner. $259, sothebyswine.com


    Dom Perignon Jeff Koons Limited Edition 2004

    A famous pairing between two unique and innovative kinds of artists, this bottle of Dom Perignon has both a richness and an effortless appeal that is sure to ripple through the veins to the heart in the most pleasing, and inspiring, of ways. And for lovers of contemporary art, the Jeff Koons connection will add both a levity and innovative personal touch that the evening is sure to lead down an equally inventive path. A bottle to begin a unique romantic journey. $199.99, wine.com


    Krug, Grand Cuvee

    This stunning champagne is crafted with such an uncompromising level of passion, that each sip will bring to life the complexity and harmony that can be achieved with a great Champagne. A complexity and harmony that is only matched by a true, equally passionate, romance. This is the kind of Champagne that can make a remarkable evening even better, or take a humdrum Valentine’s Day and bring out a legion of arrow packed cupids. And, what lady doesn’t like to feel cherished with such an immoderate show of amor? $1,295.95, sothebyswine.com