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    Clive Christian’s Perfumes of Noble Birth

    • Jul 18, 2017

    • By:Nicole Fonzino


    Noble VIII Magnolia

    Clive Christian Perfume has once again proved why its products are the epitome of luxury. Noble VIII, a part of the brand’s coveted Noble Collection, boasts two beguiling fragrances: Magnolia and Immortelle.

    Like each of its predecessors, Noble VIII pays homage to a particular momentous time in British architectural and design history. With this new launch, Clive Christian chose to mirror the Rococo movement, a prominent 18th-century style that was full of opulence, color and playfulness. Seeing that both the Magnolia and Immortelle fragrances were “crafted using the finest and most exquisite ingredients available,” the Rococo era seems fitting for this scent pair.

    When creating the idea behind Noble VIII’s Magnolia fragrance, Clive Christian pulled inspiration from the color pink utilized throughout the Rococo age as well as the moss rose, both of which were prevalent throughout the era. Top notes of Magnolia include bergamot, cassis and mandarin, while the base note of sandalwood and oak moss notes help balance the sweetness. What gives this fragrance its signature scent is its heart notes, which include traces of rose, magnolia, cinnamon and clove.


    Noble VIII Immortelle

    While Magnolia focuses on the “most loved icons” of the Rococo era, its counterpart Immortelle touches upon the time period’s “playful grandeur.” According to Clive Christian, it chose to honor the Immortelle flower at the heart of this fragrance due to the fact that it never loses its effervescent yellow coloring. Top notes of Immortelle include bergamot and lemon, while base notes highlight papyrus, amber and vetiver. When first sprayed, Immortelle makes a strong presence with its dominating undertones and then fades away to reveal the everlasting scent of the Immortelle.

    As if the two fragrances weren’t lavish enough on their own, the packaging Magnolia and Immortelle come in elevate the opulence of the Noble VIII even further. Both come in a gold-detailed black box that showcases Rococo-inspired designs that feels thick and elegant. The bottle is housed in a black box that feels velvety to the touch with a gold crest on the front. When opened, you will see the Noble VIII bottle with its signature crown-shaped cap that dons the words of its creator: Clive Christian.


    Magnolia and Immortelle both retail for $550, and are available for purchase at Bergdorf Goodman, Saks Fifth Avenue, Neiman Marcus and Nordstrom. Additionally, they can be purchased online at CliveChristian.com.