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    Color Me Beautiful

    • Apr 25, 2013

    • By:Marco Medrano

    Faster than you can mutter “it’s been a long winter,” we’ll all be sorting through last year’s summer whites. While we should be wardrobe editing, let’s give our moneymaker (no, not that one)—our faces—some much needed TLC. With bushier, filled-in brows, longer lashes and layered lips being a primary focus, our skin has to look top-shelf clear to accommodate more naked makeup and less eye color.

    First some good news: prescriptives.com, no newcomer to the pursuit of skin perfection, has just made millions of once devastated global fans newly ecstatic with the launch of its web-based Custom Blend Foundation and Loose Powder, joining Super Line Preventor Extreme and its wildly popular skincare line. The inventors of Color Printing—a process that identifies the predominant primary colors and undertones of your precise skin—are now available by video chat appointment via a “beauty genius.” Your hour-long cosmetic Web-counter will not only produce the same perfection-matching results you’ve come to expect from Prescriptives, science has allowed for varying coverage and optional finish add-ins such as Radiance or Candlelight, moisture or anti-pigmentation and more. With prescriptives.com, the world can once again put its best-matched-foundation face forward.

    With time being our most valuable asset, we were looking forward to test-driving Riiviva Microderm’s professional—at home—microdermabrasion device. Yes, for a starting price of $299 and less than ten minutes a week, this medical-grade multi-tasker can gently, effectively correct visual signs of aging, Keratosis Pilaris, mild stretch marks and acne scarring. More important, this diamond-tipped, vacuum technology softens fine lines, wrinkles and brown spots via its patent-pending vortex to draw down loosened skin cells into a sterile filter. Best part? Stimulating and removing topical debris and dead cells makes our expensive serums, cream treatments and esthetician visits much, much more receptive to absorption—making overall results very noticeable. And isn’t that the point of our anti-aging routine?

    Riiviva.com’s well done website displays how-to videos for each facial or body concern. Once you get the hang of it, you’ll want a lot more. The kit comes with a full set of three diamond facial tips—and offers affordable tips for more specific conditions such as blackheads or skin plumping. No acids, no down time and something you can do at home to stimulate cell production while enjoying a fresh, glowing complexion. Also, Riiviva’s simplified, potent skincare lineup is quite good. Its Olive Leaf, Green Tea and Aloe gel cleanse made my face so soft, I’ve started using it to wash my hands and dry cuticles. When was the last time your spring-cleaning included diamond tips? Exactly.

    Now that we’ve cleared the way, our skin is primed for some deep, potent cell turnover. Enter Stem Cell Beauty Innovations (SCBI). Its potent Gold Stem Cell Concentrate is the star infuser of this very mighty skincare lineup that boasts impressive portions of O-placenta ovine placenta extract, hyaluronic acid, grape seed extracts, kiwi seed oil and more. I could go on about stem cells, but ultimately SCBI is formulated (and ethically harvested) to ramp up and rejuvenate our aging human organisms—paying attention to our facial cell turnover, increasing levels of collagen, glycoproteins and elastic fibers in the skin—as cells did in the past. This is also the perfect time to introduce your personal micro current or infrared device. Serums and moisturizers aside, (all excellent), I was intrigued by SCBI’s Volcanic Ash Antioxidant Exfoliant and Antioxidant Lightening Cleanser. So the next time you’re accused of being over-the-top for using gold-infused treatments, your retort should be something not unlike “precious metals are rapid vehicles that drive product home—deeper into your skin.” And that’s why you look so firm and refreshed.

    Rarely have I had the opportunity to use just one skincare line for an extended period. As I found moving within the concrete jungle consumed weeks of my life, I had but one complete line to sample. Lucky for me, Tilth, which touts “cultivating beautiful skin” as its mantra, was produced by rock-star chemist (former Elizabeth Arden R & D man) Tony Vargas. We all know organics are a great way to go, but not everyone’s drinking the Kool-Aid. Tilth is a powerhouse youth potion that contains many new-to-market anti-aging actives. It feels luxurious, absorbs immediately and the resulting supple skin without residue means makeup glides on.

    Tilth’s glam organic price point delivers results with quality and quantities of unheard-of marine extracts, botanicals and absorbable vitamins. My go-to pieces are the Argan-Tangerine Deep Cleansing Lotion (a rich, sappy oil), the Gentle Poppy Seed Exfoliator (the new bio-exfoliant method), and the company’s superior toners are treatments themselves—Aloe Restoration and Berry Extract. I use A Flawless Serum and Sea Origin Serum simultaneously, then Eye Wondrous Serum and Resurrect Eye Cream with peptides and retinols—the 24/7 savior for mature skin. The punch list of this green, sulfate and gluten-free dynamo line is longer for what it does not contain— a full breakdown is available at www.tilthbeauty.com.

    And, finally, matte is back. I’ve often heard women wanting to mash up their favorite lipstick shades, and Napoleon Perdis has done it again with each shade level’s hue being brightened no matter the color. Mattetastic is mature, hip and playful. Spring is definitely here.