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    • Mar 11, 2014

    • By:Ty Sawyer

    The exclusive CORE: on East 55th in Manhattan has become a power hub for the world’s business elite. Membership costs $50,000 and members pay $15,000 in annual dues. The founder, Jennie Enterprise (pictured above), has built the space to accommodate the transient business life of millionaires and billionaires. Inside the club is a gym, theatre, art gallery, top-class restaurant, office and meeting spaces, library, salon and even suites that become a home away from home. On any given day some of the world’s top dealmakers are packed into the dining room, which buzzes with energy. The average age of its approximate 1500 members comes as a surprise, too: 44 years. It’s a place where today’s new top money earners gather, not yesterdays. Notably, the club has only been around a few years, but has separated itself from New York’s other private bastions, by being a place to network, to tap into the presence of other like-minded moguls that still prefer to build rather than gather. Plus, it has a cool factor that you feel immediately upon entering. If you love business over bloodlines, then this is the exclusive haven you need.


    66 East 55th St.