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    Crystal Springs Secures 2nd Place at International Gin Cocktail Contest

    • Sep 21, 2016

    • By:Nicole Fonzino

    unnamedLast month, New Jersey’s very own Crystal Springs Resort had the opportunity to represent the U.S. at the Gin Mare Mediterranean Inspirations competition in Ibiza. The Resort’s Director of Spirits, Carlos Ruiz, 24, secured second place in the contest with his innovative (and delicious) cocktails: Drop the Beet and Spike of Green.

    Seven cocktail connoisseurs from around the globe participated in the contest. The represented countries included the United States (Ruiz), Germany, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Australia and the United Kingdom. The Gin Mare Mediterranean Inspirations was comprised of three rounds with each person having to concoct a different gin-inspired beverage.

    Two of the three drinks crafted by Ruiz will now be featured on the menu at Crystal Springs for a limited time for guests to try. The Drop the Beet cocktail incorporates gin, beet juice, chickpea water, lime juice, simple syrup and sage leaf, while the Spike of Green contains sugar snap pea juice, lavender syrup, egg whites, lime juice and, of course, gin.


    If you enjoy sipping on exotic cocktails, then you should definitely head over to Crystal Springs. You don’t want to miss out on tasting some of the world’s best gin drinks first-hand.

    To learn more about Crystal Springs Resort, please visit their website at www.crystalgolfresort.com.





    Images: Crystal Springs via Julian Huarte