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    CURES By Avancé

    • Aug 14, 2013

    • By:Jacqueline Roman

    There’s probably nothing more frustrating than splurging on an antioxidant infused, gold fleck embellished, chemically engineered skin care product that promises a transformative experience, only to wind up with red irritated skin that you fear may be as close as you’ll get to that sun kissed glow you’re after. Honestly, how refreshing would it be to discover a company that focuses less on the grandeur and rarity of its ingredients and more on effectiveness and guaranteed success? Well rest assured that the trials and tribulations you subject your skin to are over. HudsonMOD has discovered a company that cares solely about the results and your happiness: CURES by Avancé.

    In regard to the business of skincare and beauty products, CURES has emerged as a diamond in the rough. Representing a collection that maintains tunnel vision on developing only what will serve clients as curative and corrective methods of skin care maintenance, the company is revolutionary in its cornerstone philosophy that the focus must not be on skin types, but rather skin conditions. The treatments developed by the experts behind CURES are meant to tackle the root cause of each individual’s skin condition; leading to not just a temporarily improved appearance but a long-term solution that is literally skin deep.

    The algae deep pore cleanser is a prime example of their unique approach to skincare, as it is perhaps the first facial exfoliator you’ll see without those odd looking beads that are meant to restore your skin to its fresh faced youth. Turns out this cleanser doesn’t need those beads to release the skins impurities, dissolve blackheads and wipe away the problem of oil clogged pores forever. The results speak for themselves.

    In a feat of ingenious product development, CURES has also introduced an eye makeup remover to its clients that will not only gently remove mascara, but also postpone the signs of aging. Talk about a beneficial two-in-one product. Similarly—with age combative products in mind—the company offers a light daily moisturizer that utilizes algae extracts in delivering sea minerals deep into the skin. This leads to a more even complexion and also targets the first signs of moisture loss to prevent wrinkles.
    But if your chief concerns are not wrinkles or enlarged pores, worry not. The extensive CUREScollection includes treatment masks, body therapies, serums and massage oils. Learn more about this gem of the skincare world, they’re changing the scene by making the promise of a sun-kissed glow nothing short of an expected sure thing.