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    Diane von Furstenberg: Where Art Meets Fashion

    • Jan 30, 2014

    • By:Engie Hassan

    “Oh gee, that’s great,” are words Diane von Furstenberg recalls, with more than a little nostalgia, when thinking of her friend Andy Warhol. He would say that about “everything and everyone,” she says, from color-blocked shifts, pop art prints and the models of his Polaroid portrait sessions, which included von Furstenberg as subject quite a few times.

    Developing a bond over antique jewelry and stunning nightlife, Warhol and von Furstenberg became close in the 70’s. Their friendship has not waned with the years, and even posthumously, Warhol’s signature icons, such as flowers and dollar signs, have made their way onto von Furstenberg’s signature wrap dress—and everything else. Wedding the fashion and art worlds together, Pop Wrap: a DVF and Andy Warhol Collaboration, features a limited edition collection of dresses and accessories, marrying the DVF Chain Link and Twigs prints with Warhol’s colorful pop art. A match most certainly made in fashion heaven.

    One piece of the collection that has us saying, “Oh gee, that’s great!” is the Pop Wrap Floral Canvas Islander Tote. Both designer and artist are present on this bold workbag, which also works well as a weekend carryall. The Chain Link Floral Yellow with over-the-shoulder leather straps and zip top closure is a blast from the past with a decidedly modern look and feel. And like all things Warhol, it has a fun, juvenile expression that enlivens and lightens any ensemble.

    The limited edition Andy Warhol collection is at DVF stores world-wide or you can purchase it directly on dvf.com.

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