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    Dinner With A View

    • Feb 6, 2013

    • By:Michael Scrivner

    Since its opening in 2001, Liberty House Restaurant in Jersey City has simultaneously maintained its status as a purveyor of exquisite American cuisine and a coveted tourist attraction. Breathtaking views of New York City’s Financial District are clearly a major draw, but Chef Kenneth Trickilo—a graduate of the Culinary Institute of America—is sure to grab the attention of your taste buds as well.

    Located within Liberty State Park, the exterior of the restaurant is decorated with lush green foliage, flowers and impeccable landscaping that has made Liberty House a top choice for weddings and special events. To the south of the restaurant, views of the historic Central Railroad Terminal of New Jersey are followed by the iconic Statue of Liberty. Even when the weather turns brisk in the last months of the year and the park is dusted with glowing snow, bright Manhattan skyscrapers cut through the night sky and make Liberty House Restaurant a tantalizing venue year-round.

    And while walking through the grandiose park is nothing short of spectacular, the true Liberty House experience begins when you arrive at the table. As a waterside restaurant, the majority of Liberty House’s dishes are composed of fresh seafood and sushi dishes, but other equally tantalizing options include unique preparations of steak and shanks. For entrées that exemplify the expertise of Liberty House Restaurant, I highly suggest ordering the duck breast, which comes fresh from La Belle Farms in Upstate New York, or the Scottish salmon from the Faroe Islands in Denmark.

    The elegant yet humble venue is renowned for the overwhelming number of weddings, parties, and events that have graced its grounds. The opulent and pastel-colored main dining area, outdoor bars, private party rooms, and Miami style cabanas will quickly make Liberty House Restaurant your first option for dinner or party. Bridging the border of the Garden State and the concrete jungle, Liberty House creates a unique fusion of Manhattan’s upscale cuisine and New Jersey’s natural beauty.