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    The Dolder Grand, Zurich’s Most Luxurious Retreat

    • Jun 17, 2014

    • By:Nadine Jolie

    Holding court in the serene hills above Lake Zurich, Switzerland sits The Dolder Grand, a recently-renovated five-star resort and spa that’s equal parts style and substance. For more than 115 years, The Dolder has been the ne plus ultra of luxury in quiet Zurich, a city that knows just what that entails.

    All of the trappings of a Swiss banker paradise are here, from the sweeping circular driveway flush with Bentleys, Porsches, BMWs and Mercedes to their two Michelin-starred restaurant (named The Restaurant) with a floor-to-ceiling tower offering 550 wines and a private dining room, featuring (count ’em) four Pissaros.

    As soon as you think you’re at just another over-the-top, luxe hotel, The Dolder surprises with pops of personality dispersed throughout their diverse collection of priceless art. A 49-foot Andy Warhol flanks the check-in desks; guests staying in the Golf Wing are treated to a giant Keith Haring sculpture in the gardens. Downstairs, art and sculptures by artists like Salvador Dali, Takashi Murakami, Miquel Barcelo and Fernando Botero delight. And yes, that is a painting by Sylvester Stallone leading up to the Rolling Stones suite featuring signed guitars from Keith Richards and Slash.

    The Dolder features myriad activities, including a 9-hole golf course, the Zurich Tennis Club’s five clay courts, a 164-foot pool, Zurich’s only mini-golf course, and a 19,685 square-foot ice rink, one of the largest in Europe.

    Then, there’s the 43,000 square foot Dolder Spa.

    The lushest lap of luxury is found in the Dolder Spa with all 100 percent natural products by botanical skincare brand Amala. Each private session features saunas, steambaths, kotatsu foot baths, aroma pools, cold-water basins, and sunbeds, all decorated in shimmering, mosaic tiles in every color of the rainbow. Treatments include a Violin Touch massage, where violinist Debora Vonwiller plays a live program designed to compliment the therapy, and a 90-minute Nature’s Organic facial by Amala, including a foot bath that changes depending on the season. There’s a spa library, a meditation walk, and outdoor steambaths overlooking Lake Zurich. It’s no wonder that when Oprah Winfrey visited, she tweeted that The Dolder was “the best spa ever.” We’re inclined to agree.

    Indeed, everything about The Dolder Grand can be classified as “best.” Despite a pedigree as prestigious as it gets (with a list of awards to match) the Dolder unpretentiously blends new-school modernity with old-world elegance. You’re equally as likely to see Rihanna or Harvey Weinstein as you are a European Prince or head-of-state, and therein lies The Dolder Grand’s unexpected charm.

    At The Dolder, there’s no pretension, only excellence.

    The Dolder Grand, Kurhausstrasse 65, 8032 Zürich, Switzerland