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    5-Star D Pet Hotels Pampers Pups With Luxury Suites, Fine Cuisine and Relaxing Spa Days

    • Sep 1, 2017

    • By:Lindsey Heale

    In the heart of Manhattan lies D Pet Hotels’ Chelsea location, a 5-star dog hotel that exceeds expectations. If needed, your pet pooch can get a personal chauffeur to the hotel, where they’ll be welcomed into a spacious room filled with top-of-the-line amenities. There’s a doggie gym, a comfortable lounge area, a spa, retail boutique and more. As the hotel grounds encompass over 10,000-sq-ft., there’s no doubt your dog will enjoy the stay of a lifetime at D Pet Hotels.

    D Pet Hotels' suite for dogs. Photograph courtesy of D Pet Hotels.

    D Pet Hotels’ suite. Photograph courtesy of D Pet Hotels.

    There are three separate suite options available—Standard, Sensational and Uber—and each gets more luxurious than the last. Standard is a comfy 4×9 suite that comes with an orthopedic bed, Sensational is 9×9 with a raised daybed and Uber is a 12×12 bedroom with a full-sized bed. All come with a flat-screen television and other comforts (toys and the like), so no dog will ever grow bored.

    Doggie Daycare ensures twice-over that boredom never strikes. Overseen by trained staff, the three indoor play parks are open to any pup looking to have a bunch of fun, regardless if they’re big, medium or small. However, to keep the parks safe and enjoyable for every dog, D Pet Hotels’ staff fits them through a simple personality profile. This way, for example, shy puppies enjoy themselves just as much as their more outgoing counterparts.

    A personal chef is on the premises too! D Pet Hotels’ chef makes all-natural, custom cuisine that fits any dog’s taste. Recipes include the following and more: turkey, chicken, lamb, beef and vegetables.

    D Pet Hotels' indoor parks. Photograph courtesy of D Pet Hotels.

    D Pet Hotels’ indoor parks. Photograph courtesy of D Pet Hotels.

    Within the parks is state-of-the-art air conditioning, which keeps the areas at comfortable temperatures and cycles the air every ten minutes. This prevents circulation of airborne illnesses and other contaminates.The parks are also rigorously cleaned throughout the day.

    As for the Spa and Wellness Center, any dog will feel pampered after undergoing a customized treatment plan. For a full listing of D Pet Hotels’ services, please consult their website. There are a number of packages, which include a basic bath, trimmings, cuts, pedicures (or PAW-dicures rather), etc. Dogs can even undergo massages by trained masseuses. Any treatment can be tailored to specific needs and/or wants—simply connect with the concierge before any reservation is made.

    D Pet Hotels' boutique. Photograph courtesy of D Pet Hotels.

    D Pet Hotels’ boutique. Photograph courtesy of D Pet Hotels.


    Before your best friend leaves, don’t hesitate to stop by the D-Boutique. Inside the D-Boutique are high-quality pet care items, foods, books, aromatherapy candles, etc. Treat your dog a bit more, as much of D-Boutique’s stock is exclusive.

    For more information on D Pet Hotels’ Chelsea location (and the others) or to make a reservation, visit D Pet Hotels’ website or call (917) 259-6459.

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