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    Dynamic Duos For Your Skin

    • Jun 18, 2012

    • By:Marco Medrano

    There’s something beautifully reassuring about dynamic duos—a best buddy who backs you when you need it. Just as Thelma had Louise, the same can be said for skin care as HudsonMOD picks lines chosen for their unrivaled results and, yes, synergistic simplicity.

    La Prairie

    Everyone knows the value of precious metals as financial investments, now La Prairie has introduced the absolute pinnacle of science for the most important part of your portfolio, your skin, called Cellular Cream Platinum Rare. By recharging the skin’s electrical balance, platinum greatly improves the absorption of beneficial and costly nutrients and restores your skin’s natural beauty and radiant glow while preserving its supple texture and firm tone. Designed to enhance, this cream represents a very exciting—and significant—advance in skincare.

    Skin Caviar Liquid Lift is also a product to be excited about and a must-have partner to Cellular Cream Platinum Rare. A dual-chamber of age-defying DNA, marine nutrients and the highest dose ever of golden caviar pearl extracts come together resulting in an extraordinary restructuring lift.

    Cellular Cream Platinum Rare $1,050 (50 ml/1.7 oz.); Skin Caviar Liquid Lift $500 (50 ml./1.7 fl. oz.) available at Saks Fifth Avenue and www.shoplaprairie.com

    La Mer

    If you could select three adjectives you’d want from your skincare line, you could do worse than powerful, simple and effective. These words also happen to describe La Mer’s incredible Crème de la Mer, crème régénération intense. Dr. Max Huber, an aerospace physicist, is the founder of La Mer’s “miracle broth” (the basis for La Mer’s products) as he was trying to find something to alleviate the effects he suffered in a lab accident. Dr. Huber’s formula uses a four-month proprietary distillation process combining select ocean vitamins, minerals and sea kelp, which produce powerful energies in skin repair.

    Combined with La Mer’s The Concentrate, a super-serum treatment that helps enhance the skin’s natural healing, you’re sure to stop overt signs of aging and trauma. While not exactly brand new to our radar, both the cream (now a large 16.5 ounces) and concentrated serum can be used anywhere on your skin, even under the eyes. Importantly, it’s also a safe, miraculous post nip/tuck skincare treatment. La Mer’s indulgent combo will surely see you through to Labor Day and beyond—regardless of what else is in your anti-aging repertoire.

    Crème de la Mer $1,800 (16.5 oz.); The Concentrate $275 (1.7 oz.) available at the finest stores and www.cremedelamer.com 


    This line, known for its potent, anti-aging cell rejuvenation that famously uses highly absorbable Asian botanicals (red ginseng, bamboo sap and green tea leaves derived from the company’s unique-in-the-world, proprietary mineral-rich volcanic ash gardens) strives for a more supple, luxurious you. With more than 140 patents and half a century of research and development, AmorePacific introduces its latest one-two secret weapon, a Time Response Skin Renewal Gel Crème and Time Response Skin Renewal Serum.

    The cream has moisture stimulating, collagen producing and melanin regulating features (hyperpigmentation), not to mention 24-hour time release. How many products can make your skin feel plump, dewy and gently matte at the same time? Exactly. Its companion serum is a seriously concentrated (unprecedented absorption technology), powerful, patented compound of green tea stem cells, green tea EGCG and green tea saponin. Um, what? Simply put: The serum revives the skin’s hydration process to reduce lines and wrinkles, improve clarity and increase radiance and firmness.

    Time Response Skin Renewal Gel Crème $450 (50 ml/1.7 fl. oz.); Time Response Skin Renewal Serum $525 (30 ml/1.0 fl. oz.) available at Neiman Marcus, Bergdorf Goodman, Nordstrom and http://us.amorepacific-cosmetics.com