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    ECRU New York Uncovers The Secrets Of Silk

    • Jul 25, 2013

    • By:Marianella Orlando

    Its no secret the word silk is synonymous with comfort, and easily recognized for its soft texture. However, while many textiles are woven from this natural protein fiber used to create trendy fabric tasteful to both the eye and touch with its smooth, shiny, stylish qualities—this wardrobe staple has also become an essential element in the creation of luxe, silky-smooth locks. ECRU New York leads the way in infusing silk proteins with everyday hair care products to transform dull or damaged hair into a voluminous mane.

    With proper research and testing, this high-grade ingredient that was originally coveted in the skincare industry has become the key element for many ECRU New York products. The essential properties found in silk are the reason; discovery in the laboratory has found that silk proteins create a transparent, protective film around hair cuticles and increase elasticity and natural shine while safeguarding tresses from future harm.

    Go ahead—take a quick look at your hair in the mirror. Any damaged strands? Your hair requires a little TLC after exposure to sun, salt, chlorine, dyes and heating tools takes its toll. But there is an easy remedy. For starters, replenish sun-damaged cuticles with the Acacia Protein Masque: A formulated combination of acacia collagen, sunflower and grape seed oils, Shea butter and marine extracts. The hair masque will bring life back to your beautiful locks by penetrating deep into the hair shaft to restore and renew.

    For a proactive approach to protecting your hair ahead of hot summer days spent in the sun, the ECRU New York Sunlight Styling Spray leaves hair feeling weightless and maintains firm hold under humidity. Best of all, the innovative styling spray also protects against UV exposure by retaining moisture and covering the hair and scalp.

    With comprehensive hair care artillery that includes everything from shampoo to protein oils, Ecru New York’s products have become the standard of excellence in the eyes of professionals and beauty-mavens alike.