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    Edition 02, Shiso by goop

    • Apr 25, 2017

    • By:Nicole Fonzino

    goop Edition 02, Shiso Fragrance - Flat LayPut your best scent forward this spring with goop‘s newest fragrance launch: Edition 02, Shiso. The all-new fragrance, which evokes a sense of “cool air, pale sun and life unfurling on the forest floor,” perfectly captures the essence of springtime.

    Fashioned with some of nature’s finest ingredients, Edition 02, Shiso contains traces of shiso leaf, oakmoss and palo santo, all which give off beneficial additives that aid in your overall wellbeing. With the three combined, the ingredients will help generate bioelectrical energy, rejuvenate skin, control emotional releases, clears negative energy and reduce stresses.

    A bottled fragrance is not the only way the new Edition 02, Shiso scent will be released, either. The lifestyle brand will also launch a scented candle that gives off the same energies and scents as its perfume equivalent. The 10.2 oz candle, which comes in a sleek, black casing, has a burn time of up to 65 hours, meaning lovers of Edition 02, Shiso can enjoy it at all times.

    open-uri20170410-26445-hg3481The public can catch a glimpse of the all-new fragrance this Saturday, April 29, at goop‘s pop-up shop in New York City. The shop will allow guests to test Edition 02, Shiso, a rare occurrence since the fragrance is typically only available to users through goop‘s website.

    Besides testing the fragrance, guests who visit the pop-up shop will also be able to receive a psychic reading. According to Gwenyth Paltrow, Edition 02, Shiso helps awaken clairvoyance. She says, “It has a great, spicy green quality to it. In combination with the other plant essences it smells amazing, but also channels other powers, like joy, healing and clairvoyance.”

    If you’re a lover of goop products, then this pop-up shop is a must-attend. The shop will be open from 11 AM until 8 PM, and will be located at 252 Mott Street (between Prince + Houston). 

    The fragrance retails for $165, while it’s candle counterpart retails for $72. For more information or to purchase Edition 02, Shiso, please visit goop.com.