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    Encore: Maria Giulia Maramotti

    • Dec 23, 2015

    • By:Nicole Fonzino

    Maria Giulia Maramotti by Weston Wells for DuJour MagazineMaria Giulia Maramotti seems like a typical New Yorker. She rides her bike around the city, takes strolls along the High Line and visits local museums in her spare time. However, she is anything but typical. Maria Giulia is the granddaughter of Achille Maramotti, founder of the Italian fashion powerhouse MaxMara.

    As a descendant of the designer, Maria Giulia has grown up knowing nothing other than MaxMara. “It’s in my blood,” she says, which is why it’s fitting she has become a well-known face of the brand, taking on roles as the U.S. director of retail and global ambassador. Since then, Maria Giulia has brought forth new ideas. “We will always maintain our signature MaxMara minimal aesthetic,” she says, “but you will also see a touch of playfulness and unexpected details that keep the brand fresh.”

    Besides helping the company evolve, Maria Giulia has taken part in MaxMara’s support of various initiatives, including Women in Film and their Face of the Future Award. She recently collaborated with the Whitney Museum to celebrate the opening of their new Manhattan location.

    HudsonMOD caught up with Maria Giulia to speak about MaxMara, what it’s like to be the global ambassador of one of the biggest fashion companies in the world, and carrying on her grandfather’s legacy.

     Q: What change do you hope to bring to the company? What’s the biggest you’ve initiated thus far? 

    A: When I first came to the U.S., I saw the need for an elevated suiting collection within the company, based on our clients’ demands. As a brand dedicated to women, largely professional workingwomen, we needed a contemporary suit for executives to feel professional but also chic and feminine at the same time; which is how our Tailored Suit Project was born. It’s a collection of contemporary suiting composed of classic materials within modern silhouettes that can be worn together or as separates.

    Q: MaxMara has a long history of supporting various empowering initiatives for women. Why is it important for you to support these groups? 

    A: We have always been committed to celebrating women. Global, intelligent, strong and modern women are our muses and our core clients. From design to inspiration to our brand initiatives such as Women in Film and Art Prize for Women, we continue our support and development of women, especially within the arts. When my grandfather started the company in the ‘50s, he originally designed for the wives of doctors and lawyers. Now we are designing for doctors and lawyers themselves. Women’s roles have drastically changed and will continue to evolve into greater heights, which is a cultural transformation we are proud to be part of.

    Q: Tell us about your partnership with the Whitney Museum. 

    A: We have been organically developing our relationship with the Whitney for several years. Our family has loaned artworks from our private collection in the past, and MaxMara has supported the Whitney Art Party for the last three years. With Renzo Piano as the architect of the Whitney, having two Italian houses together was the perfect opportunity to celebrate and create a product that represents true Italian craftsmanship.

    Q: How would you describe your personal style? 

    A: I like contrast. My style is a mix of work and play. My favorite look is a perfect blazer with rolled sleeves, a T-shirt, jeans and a great shoe, either a playful heel or a classic loafer.

    Q: From your perspective, what’s the biggest style difference between Milan vs. New York City? 

    A: New York City style is edgier with more risks. In New York, anything goes. In Milan, style is chic but classic.