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    Escape With Noon By Noor

    • Feb 9, 2013

    • By:Amanda Thorogood

    For the last few months HudsonMOD staffers prepared for the newly released travel issue, which had editors and office staff buzzing about where they’ve been, where they’re dying to go and, more importantly, which luxury getaways would make it to print. Ultimately, we settled on quests to Cape Town, New Zealand and Prague—all respectively beautiful, indulgent and completely unforgettable.

    Fittingly, as the looks from the Fall/Winter 2013 collection presented by Noon by Noor made their way down the runway we were instantly brought back to the anticipation of being transported to somewhere new and striking, and far from the blustering conditions that awaited us outside of the Lincoln Center setup.

    “For Fall/Winter 2013, the central influence was the transient culture of our home, Bahrain. We found the relation of migratory birds with the evanescent lifestyle very interesting so we wanted to elaborate on this and create a collection for a woman of travel,” explained Shaikha Noor.

    Utilizing the small island in the Arabian Gulf as the starting point of inspiration, the designers were influenced by the natural wildlife and inherent beauty of their homeland and carefully integrated the hues and patterns into their looks.

    “There are a number of prints in floral, check and op art. When you see the floral prints up close you will see we have incorporated the migratory birds and local flora. Bridget Riley and Josef Albers influenced our op art print which is a continuation from our Pre-Fall collection,” said Shaikha Haya.

    “For the color palette we used shades of red, burgundy, green, purple, navy, grey and black. This highlights the enigmatic and sophisticated woman we had in mind.”

    With this collection there is nothing to second-guess. The looks are wonderfully feminine and easily transferable from the runway to your luggage for your next incredible getaway.

    Take a peek at some of our favorite looks from the runway.

    Photo credit: BFA Images