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    Extravagant Home Theaters

    • Aug 30, 2012

    • By:Joshua Alicea

    Plush home theaters are a luxury staple in any home, but it’s when the desire for a home theater and true fandom combine that unique designs worthy of their own articles come to fruition. With The Dark Knight Rises bursting through box office records, Elite Home Theater Seating has capitalized on the opportunity to bring Batman fanatics the ultimate Bat Cave experience as a design consultant to create a “Dark Knight” home theater. Fans and avid moviegoers can partake in this intricate salute to one of America’s most successful film franchises complete with a cavernous ceiling, gargoyles and Bruce Wayne’s library (butler and Bat Mobile not included).

    Not too interested in a Dark Knight theme? Maybe you’re more intrigued by life on the high seas. The designers have also completed a Pirates of the Caribbean themed theater that transforms your space into a ship’s deck. Though you won’t be sitting alongside Johnny Depp, this sure seems like the next best thing.

    What other design ideas might you have? The forest depicted in Avatar, Captain Kirk’s starship or perhaps even a replica of Oz where you can put up your ruby slippers for a great flick? Hollywood dreams are now available in your living room. How’s that for luxury?