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    Fall’s Bright Beauty Routine

    • Sep 6, 2013

    • By:Marco Medrano

    Although summer is just about over, we all know early autumn can be the best time to enjoy the luxe life. It’s an even better season to start planning how to turn back the hands of time, or to at least look glamorous doing it. The caveat is that most of the products we use and procedures we indulge in require staying out of direct sunlight—at least from the neck up. As we all know by now, today’s beauty barometer is measured by supple, lifted, even-toned skin and silky hair.

    The parts of summer we can leave behind are the leftover debris from sunscreens and spray tanning, and any uneven color blotches if we let down our sunscreen guards.

    Visit Mario Badescu Day Spa in Manhattan for the no-nonsense clearing facial that celebs and society doyennes have booked like clockwork (honest). Consistently great (and low key) for decades, they’ve managed to develop very pointed, simplified, effective products that can be used easily, including the newest launches, Peptide Renewal Serum and Peptide Renewal Cream. Mario Badescu has become globally famous for its legendary (and clearly effective) acne solutions. My faves? Hyaluronic Emulsion with Vitamin C and Cellufirm Drops. The men’s line including its blue Pre-Shave Conditioner is nothing short of amazing. I highly recommend an expert consult in one of their private product rooms, or any one of their full-service aesthetic treatments, including massage. mariobadescu.com and ULTA in Clifton.

    Now that your skin palette is clear, let’s keep it that way by applying your new attitude to an acknowledged brand that boasts some seriously updated technology: Clarisonic. Want dirt and makeup cleansed away six times better than by hand? The hand-held, high-speed Aria Sonic Skin Cleansing System oh-so-gently makes clear, revitalized, poreless skin possible. It has three speeds with timers and comes with a drying stand/stand-up charger and a USB travel option, plus free monogramming. Can you see why I’m addicted? Oh, but there’s more: Opal Sonic is an infusion device that uses 125 sonic movements per second to maximize absorption of Anti-Aging Sea Serum in a way that’s not possible with your fingers alone. In short, #penetrate. The Opal Sonic is a must-have antiaging tool designed for the eye area (I also used it for spot-treating hyperpigmentation on my face). Make no mistake, folks, this is a major score.

    Speaking of unsightly spots, Repêchage’s Biolight line is responsible for my own confidence in being able to leave the house because of unforeseen facial spots I endured for weeks. After a stressful move and a lengthy toxic eliminating cleanse, I developed three pea-size dark scars and patchy tone (from years of sun as a teenager). OMG! From the Brightening Cleanser and Toner to the Brightening Overnight Cream, each item in the seven-piece Biolight collection is packed with marine biotechnology “actives,” ensuring a potent cocktail of penetrable brightening properties, without damaging the skin’s delicate surface. Repêchage’s exclusive Laminaria Complex contains two Ecocert seaweeds and numerous extracts to enhance cell renewal. Add watermelon extract and mineral (zinc oxide) protection that disappears (Daytime Brightening Serum and Cream) and you’ll see how simplified the skincare system is. So far, it’s the only full line that has enabled me to actually see my scars break down, taking them from brown to red to pink to nearly gone. Best of all, if you find yourself scrubbing off summer’s blotchy tan remnants, Biolight’s Brightening Body Cream works even harder on your exposed skin and décolletage. Give your skin a fighting chance. repechage.com.

    Now, if your skincare regimen is heading toward a throw-down moment, IOMA Paris (exclusively at Saks Fifth Avenue’s Manhattan and Beverly Hills locations) has emerged with cutting-edge technology that provides acute precision, using the patented IOMA Sphere, a monitored skin-measuring device (a sensitive, in-depth photo-optic skin-reality booth, really) that shows your skin’s health status and provides a personalized, printed report. IOMA’s Bespoke Youth Rituals follows with a custom-blended group of eight specific serums, dosed to the specifications from the Sphere. Ultimately, you walk away with one daytime moisturizer and one nighttime moisturizer (about 6-8 weeks’ worth). TIP: Keep the barcode handout to follow your repair progress via the IOMA Paris App. More good news: Launching this month is Youth Booster, with MEMS technology. Simply put, the future is here. Your high-tech bottle of moisturizer houses a MEMS Sensor on the end. The number of LED bars on the sensor determines on a day-to-day basis whether you use one or two pumps of the moisturizer. The product’s formula is beyond sophisticated yet minimalist, but is big on proprietary ingredients such as omegassis and hydrasome, which are intended to control hydration, detoxification and regeneration. IOMA Paris. Rich. Easy. Necessary.As you know, eyelash growth, lash extensions and hybrid mascaras have become another part of our daily routine. Well, LASHEM has taken that two steps further and put a platinum bow on it, safely. All of the products—whether the Double Trouble Mascara, Extensions In A Bottle (buildable) or Colour Strokes Liquid Eyeliner—contain our favorite thing: Lash And Brow Enhancing Serum. Now we no longer have to wait until bedtime to feed our lashes and brows. In no time, LASHEM’s eye skincare and Magic Touch Eye Enhancing Wand will have you saying, “Mirror, mirror, on the wall.” lashem.com.Who can keep up? The Puff has debuted as the encapsulated no muss, no fuss mineral-based powder/foundation gadget that easily dispenses—without dipping or spilling—with a built-in velvety sponge, allowing you to forgo powder brushes if you wish. Find your shade of bronzers, blushes and Illuminiser Dust at miimaa.com.

    Now for some colorful glam. Armani Beauty’s Eyes to Kill Limited Edition collection or YSL’s Black Jade Crème Gel Eyeliner will certainly say you are in it to win it this season. Neiman Marcus.

    Let’s fall back into autumn with a brighter outlook. Remember, the holidays—what?!—are just around the bend. Can’t you feel the chill, comin’?