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    Fall’s Must-Own Products For Men

    • Sep 17, 2013

    • By:Marco Medrano

    If you’ve ever experienced stepping into a Ferrari (or even a humbler Fiat), you know that Pininfarina’s auto interiors are synonymous with ingenious invention, fabrication and well-thought-out style. Pininfarina’s inviting environments always feel special. So when the company merged design forces with master watchmakers Bovet, the demand for their watches began in earnest. Not only does the Chronograph Cambiano Special Edition look really great on your wrist—it looks and is truly expensive—but it also doubles as a table clock and a swanky pocket watch and, get this, serves as a dashboard clock by fitting into built-in housing on the center console of their Cambiano concept car. And no tools required. Amazing. The Timepiece Collection in Englewood or go to collectionltd.com

    OK, men: Zirh Platinum Skin Care, the results-oriented men’s skincare brand, has gone beyond its heralded shaving line by introducing Repair, Revive, PM Rescue, Age Defense and other products to keep your mug looking good. Real men moisturize. zirh.com

    See yourself as the new James Bond? Or are you just a little thirsty? The Stelton Cylinda-Line 8 Piece Bar Set is precision-engineered stainless steel and not your ordinary martini shaker set. the strainer doesn’t spill a drop, and the ice tongs grab the cubes but good. Way cool. Hey, barkeep… shaken, not stirred. fitzsu.com

    Even if you’re not a cigar aficionado, Davidoff’s Voyager-Macassar looks so elegant that you could store your Harry Winston cuff links in it. but if cigars are your catnip, then you know this exquisite humidor, made from exotic hardwoods and fitted with a magnetic closure, is the perfect smoking companion. the Voyager safely houses up to 13 cigars. davidoff.com

    Ever feel off your game? Callaway Golf’s X Forged Steel Irons were designed to give you an extra edge on the links. Here’s what Callaway’s expert has to say: “the triple Net Forging process allows for more aggressive grooves and extreme precision to create the feel, ball flight and turf interaction that the very best players prefer.” sounds like you’ll be shooting under par with these babies. callawaygolf.com