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    Fashion Trends: The Golden Globes

    • Feb 6, 2015

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    By George Brescia

    unnamedThe new year is upon us, and with it comes resolutions and a desire for personal improvement. The new year also brings a deluge of awards shows, from the Golden Globes to the Grammys to the Oscars. Anyone who knows me knows I absolutely love awards shows—and not because I like to dish on who looked the worst in her ill-chosen designer gown. We’ve all been in that situation where we saw a dress or suit we just had to have, that looked great when we tried it on in the store, but not-so-great in the pictures after. It happens to the best of us. I love awards shows because they are the chance to celebrate the people who truly owned their style and body in a perfect ensemble.

    Fashion at the Golden Globes kicked off what promises to be a gorgeous and expressive 2015 awards season. We’re seeing some definite trends right from the start, and it will be fascinating to see how these develop in future awards shows and what they mean for fashion in general.

    A lot of pressure is placed on actors and actresses to make a statement on the red carpet, and it’s no secret actresses are scrutinized more than their male counterparts. The ladies have to put a lot of work into what they bring to the carpet and into how they deliver it. When I’m dressing performers for awards shows, film openings or Broadway opening nights, I want to know what they’d most like to say with their clothes. What aspects of their personality are key elements they want their look to express? This is a difficult question for many people, but sometimes you see someone who gets it just right.

    Screen Shot 2015-02-05 at 6.56.54 PMTake Julianne Moore at the Globes in her silver and black custom-made Givenchy Haute Couture by Riccardo Tisci. She was just stunning. In Still Alice, based on the book by Lisa Genova and one of two films she was nominated for (the other was Maps to the Stars), she plays a professor struggling with Alzheimer’s disease. It was a huge year for her, and she needed to come to the Golden Globes with a look that guaranteed some attention. Normally if a redhead is going to do a metallic, I prefer gold, but I thought the dress on her was perfection. The way the color cascaded from silver to black, the texture, the addition of the feathers to add warmth and movement… On top of that, her makeup (with dark smoky eyes) and simple straight hairstyle beautifully complemented the dress. Adding Chopard jewelry helped her pull the whole look together.

    One of my favorite expressions when I describe a dress or a look is “sexy/sophisticated.” By that, I mean clothes that bring out the best in your body, no matter your shape or size. Kate Hudson on this year’s Golden Globes red carpet was the epitome of sexy/sophisticated. In her clinging winter white Atelier Versace gown, she touched on so many trends of the upcoming season: white, cutouts and backless dresses. Kate is always bold in her choices, and this dress was no different. You could see the confidence oozing from her every time she moved.

    Screen Shot 2015-02-05 at 6.57.09 PMNaomi Watts brought on a fantastic yellow Gucci columned gown with a cinched waist, hitting another trend this season with what some might call a daring color. Daring or not, I thought this gorgeous dress hit the perfect mark. For starters, who can go wrong in Gucci? And with her beautiful blond hair, yellow was such a striking choice. It brought so much light to her, and that is the key. Light! Light! Light! She finished (or rather started) the look with that luscious Bulgari diamond Serpentine necklace. She was positively radiant.

    I’d be remiss if I didn’t single out Lilliana Vazquez. Full disclosure, I collaborated with her for the Golden Globes. However, I’m totally objective! She wore a fantastic white, long-sleeved cutout gown by Janine Rhodes. Janine is a new designer just breaking into creating for celebrities on the red carpet. Although we love all of the designers we’ve seen and talked about for years, it’s great to see new artists emerging. Janine custom-made this gown for Lilliana. One reason I love custom (when you’re able to do it) is a designer can take an already imagined creation and shape it to highlight the best of your body. Choosing Janine for Lilliana made perfect sense. As her career continues to blossom, why shouldn’t she wear a hot new designer? She makes a statement with not only the look, but also the name. Perhaps best of all is that the dress was extremely camera friendly, important to Lilliana. Lots of pictures were taken that night and we wanted all of them to be brilliant.

    Screen Shot 2015-02-05 at 6.57.02 PMMany of my clients tell me it’s great to see these beautiful trends taking shape on the red carpet but difficult implementing them in their personal everyday style. We’d all love to stroll down Fifth Avenue in a Gucci gown or go to dinner in Hudson wearing Versace, but how does this translate to our own clothes?

    Take concepts you see on the red carpet into your own wardrobe. Are you a fantastic dark brunette? Perhaps you should wear a fitted white dress with a low back. Accentuate your form with something that highlights what you love most about your body, rather than covers it up. Do you love metallic but worry it’s too much for you? Try pairing a simple top with a dark metallic skirt and a pair of high heels. One of the simplest trends to follow is color. Have I mentioned I love color? Try combining that bright yet simple yellow ruched dress you see on the rack with soft makeup and simple gold heels.

    Sometimes it’s hard to know what to change, but one new year’s resolution that works is this: if you change your clothes, your new year will have a fresh start. It’s not always easy to know where to look for the perfect new clothes to reinvent yourself or rediscover a part of yourself that you’d forgotten, but style is worth the effort.

    JonathanBlake1One of the most exhilarating things about the fashion industry is that it’s always evolving. Designers rotate in and out of the limelight, and it’s exciting to see the newest creations everyone is dying to wear to award shows. Here are a couple of designers I work with who are making more and more of a splash on the red carpet.

    Jonathan Tinkle, otherwise known as the ingenious mind behind the fashion company Jonathan Blake, is a new and upcoming designer based in Houston, Texas. He began his fashion career in 2012, and his designs are absolutely gorgeous. At the time of his launch, he was only 21 years old. Incredible! His gowns for women are elegant, stunning and classic.

    Rolando Santana


    Another designer I have been working with (and whom I’ve called friend for many years) is Rolando Santana. Although his creations have been on the red carpet before, we will be seeing more and more from him in the future. Watching his mother create dresses is how Santana fell in love with design. Since launching his own designs in 2009, he has had his dresses pictured in several publications, including Vogue and Elle. That we have not seen the last of him is reason to celebrate.   


    Image of Naomi Watts Courtesy of Gucci; Image of Kate Hudson Courtesy of Atelier Versace; Image of Julianne Moore Courtesy of Givenchy; Image of Lilliana Vasquez Courtesy of LV. Feature Image via Deadline.com. Jonathan Blake Photo Courtesy of Jonathan Blake. Rolando Santana Photo Courtesy of Rolando Santana.