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    Ferrari Fierce For All Seasons

    • Jan 20, 2013

    • By:Amanda Mcelroy

    Just hearing the name Ferrari conjures up images of the ultimate, envy-causing vehicle—sleek, sexy, comfortable and fast. What more could you want for your ride?

    Continuing the legacy in quintessential Ferrari style is one of the newest additions to the first family of transportation—the Ferrari FF 458 Italia. Dubbed “the most powerful and versatile car” the company has ever built, the 458 lives up to its name. And then some. Maxing out at 208mph, this beauty’s V12 engine will catapult you from 0 to 60 in a mere 3.7 seconds.

    Still need an adrenaline rush? Ferrari sports gear provides a versatile thrill by letting you experience superior quality all year round. As it turns out, this kind of excitement isn’t confined to the road.

    What better way to get the kids on the slopes than with a new set of Dynastar Kids skis ($476)? But don’t stop at the skis; deck out your little snow bunny in Ferrari’s Shield Jacket for the complete look ($312). Made of a metallic waterproof fabric with the same characteristic quilting of a Formula 1 driver’s suit, this fiery red puffer—complete with the signature Ferrari Shield patch, naturally—is sure to be one jacket your little daredevil won’t want to take off.

    After the snow melts, it’s time to conquer to golf course. We suggest starting the season off right by stocking your Ferrari Luxury Golf Bag ($2,446) with a new GS Flex Driver ($2,038) to help tee off your best season yet. In true Ferrari fashion, both bag and club are sleek and sophisticated in design and functionality. The bag is made with the same Poltrona Frau leather that adorns the interior of Ferrari’s GT cars while the club is designed to decrease aerodynamic resistance, allowing you to hit the ball faster and further than the rest of your competition on the fairway.

    Still not enough for you? Show nature who’s boss by tackling the waves on a Scuderia Spider surf board ($1,698). Customized with the Ferrari 16 M Scuderia Spider logo, this all-round board is perfect for the beginner and seasoned surfer alike. With only 499 reported to be produced, this is a limited edition board—just like its GT mobile counterparts. Translation: You’ll have to be quick to add this must-have to your collection.

    And you thought that 0 to 60 acceleration wouldn’t come in handy.