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    Ferrari Launches the California T

    • Jun 11, 2014

    • By:Ty Sawyer

    It may be called the “grand tourer”, but upon first seeing the new Ferrari California T, it elicits more of a “it’s-worth-the-ticket-cause-I’m-going-to-go-fast” emotional response. The Pininfarina-designed body has undergone some style changes to complement the new beast of a naturally aspirated V8 engine that utilizes every ounce of automotive race technology advancement to enhance performance. It’s the first turbocharged engine without turbo lag, which translates to an instantaneous responsiveness to go with the signature Ferrari engine growl. The 0-60 blink of time happens in 3.6 seconds, which is why the interior design perfectly combines the fit of a race car with the elegance of a cruiser (not to mention its ability to reach 196 mph). What else makes the California T standout among its racing peer group? It’s the two-tone, retractable hard top, adding to the distinctive new exterior design.

    But, as fast and slick as this car is, what you really will want when you settle in to the driver’s seat is a long, challenging, windy road through a desolate mountain. The car is like a sneaker on the road, and Ferrari owners are not wilting flowers. Fun behind the wheel is as much priority as craftsmanship. And, with the new California T, compared to its 1950s beginnings, the game has changed, where speed, elegance and sex-appeal cross paths.