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    Fotini Couture Gowns

    • Sep 24, 2012

    • By:Claire Easton

    With a Rococo-inspired color palette—think lavender, ivory, pale pink, and pastels —and delicate fabrics like organza and silk chiffon, Fashion Week newcomer, Fotini, proves she knows a thing or two about luxury. Fotini brought her Spring/Summer 2013 collection to New York City, along with a much-needed breath of fresh air from the gritty blacks and greys that define Manhattan’s urban fashion sense.

    FOTINI’s couture gowns and evening wear recall ornate eighteenth-century art—lush courts and blossoming gardens, bright colors, and decadence in every detail. “The collection is designed for a woman of mystery, elegance, and grace,” says the designer. “Someone who imagines she is sitting for Fragonard to paint her in The Swing with a cupid and cherubim fluttering around her.”

    Beadwork, lace, and floral embellishments add a touch of sensuality to the collection. For the woman who isn’t afraid to embrace her feminine side, a FOTINI dress is the perfect, eye-catching compliment to any night out or cocktail party.  As the antithesis of tight, short, and black—a look seen far too often nowadays—FOTINI dresses, with their airy fabrics, romantic details, and playful colors, are a burst of freshness and vitality.

    “Who said a dress could not be a canvas?” Fotini asks. It certainly wasn’t us!