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    Get that Radiant Summer Glow at Brazil Bronze Soho

    • Jul 17, 2017

    • By:Kathryn Egstrand

    logo-1Want that perfect bronzed goddess glow but afraid to damage your skin from harmful UV lights or the sun’s rays? Or maybe you’re on the fairer side and unable to achieve that tan color you desire? So many people either have damaged skin from too much exposure, or have orange hands due to inexperienced self tanning, yikes! All these problems will no longer be an issue once you book an appointment at Brazil Bronze Soho, for your luxury custom airbrush tan.

    Owner Bridget Bergin, first began her career in the beauty industry in 2007 as a licensed Esthetician. It was not until 2010, though, when she sparked her interest in tanning. She realized there were not many options to achieve a flawless glow without looking fake.

    “From a young age I had experience with sunless tanners. Having fair and Irish skin, I was always trying to get a natural-looking tan color without the harmful rays from the sun, but nothing gave me the the type of color I wanted to achieve,” she says.

    Screen Shot 2017-07-12 at 12.17.03 PMBergin started her spray tanning career in New Jersey, opening and managing her first three salons, then purchased Brazil Bronze Soho in 2015.

    “With my love for spray tanning and the beauty industry it was a perfect fit to expand my career.”

    Brazil Bronze Soho was first established in 2002, and marketed as the first airbrush tanning salon in NYC. Since opening, Brazil Bronze Soho has grown exponentially and has received glowing reviews from press around the globe.

    Allure voted Brazil Bronze Soho, Best in Beauty in 2006-2011 and the Bronze Award in 2009. Instyle said, “Secret Weapon — Brazil Bronze Custom Self Tanner.” New York Times boasted, “This treatment turns the pastiest 98-pound weakling into a buttery-bronze god or goddess”. New York Magazine voted Brazil Bronze, “The best spray tan in New York City.” Vogue calls Brazil Bronze Soho “The Perfect Tan,” and Modern Bride Magazine claims “Brazil Bronze is the Rolls-Royce of spray tans.”

    Brazil Bronze Soho offers 10 different types of tans for customers. These include: the Brazil Bronze Original Formula Tan,Brazil Bronze Dark Tan, Brazil Bronze Ultra Dark Tan, Luxury Express Tan, Anti-Aging/Hydrating Tan, Brazil Bronze Sculpted Tan, Brazil Bronze Cellulite Annihilator Tan, Brazil Bronze Skinny Tan, Golden Goddess Tattoo Tan, and the Crystal Tattoo Tan.

    From a huge selection of custom airbrush tans to the hottest magazine press to celebrity clientele, why would you want to go anywhere else to achieve your best glow?

    To learn more about Brazil Bronze Soho or to book an appointment, visit: www.brazilbronzesoho.com, or visit The Brazil Bronze Soho salon located at 580 Broadway Suite 501, New York, NY 10012.


    Images via BrazilBronzeSoho.com